November 2023

Empaths and games

I’m an occasional gamer. If my curiosity is piqued, I can go nonstop 4 days (especially during moon time) playing the game till the end. I love role playing games like Horizon, Far Cry, God of War, The Witcher, Unchartered, Tomb Raider etc…. But as an empath, I have to share my experiences. In my

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Wintry Singapore?

In a country that is 365 days sunshiny with occasional rain happening often especially during monsoon season…Singapore… We may not have the 4 seasons but come Xmas, I often noted that we have this creeping coldness swarming us. It’s sort of frost but not in a wintry way, more of a summer way. No chilling

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Illusions of twin flames

(Note: you may chanced upon my posts on soulmates, twin flames etc in my past, but I no longer believed in all that. FYI.) I felt the need to share my own experience after watching on Amazon Prime: Desperately Seeking Soulmate: Escaping Twin Flames Universe. (Always seek your own guidance to seek “teachers”. Feel intuitively

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