Wintry Singapore?

In a country that is 365 days sunshiny with occasional rain happening often especially during monsoon season…Singapore…

We may not have the 4 seasons but come Xmas, I often noted that we have this creeping coldness swarming us. It’s sort of frost but not in a wintry way, more of a summer way.

No chilling winds but like when one open the freezer, the waft of damp coldness flash upon your face kinda feel.

The morning and night weather felt… damp, cold, mild frosty, that can crept upon elders and trouble slowly brewing from the feet to its brittle bones.

Best to wear socks and use some form of warm medicated rub massaged all over body.

Hot teas are best consume often, inclusion of ginger is welcome, keeping oneself agile and active is good but optional.

Fan or aircon is best kept minimal. And if any imbalances, hot and cold within and without the body, flu may occur and passed about. 1 piece of raw Garlic is best consumed before breakfast daily. Awareness of daily immune system strength is preferable.

Doesn’t this sound like a mild winter? Luckily for us, instead of our daylight being shorten, it’s still as long and as fun.

And nights are best being cozy and cuddly in front of TV showcasing heart warming movies with loving families. A tray of hot and piping cocoa or Milo and cookies are definitely a sweet touch.

Weekends are best spend strolling down Orchard Road where buildings and malls are Christmas and colorful theme lights adorned, decorated better than most Western countries. With crowds flashing their phones capturing shots, smiles and giggles… I felt for a moment, I was in a Caucasian country that celebrates Winter and Xmas… Without having to worry about layers of clothing to keep me warm and dry.

What does the approaching December feels like to you and your family?

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