Empaths and games

I’m an occasional gamer. If my curiosity is piqued, I can go nonstop 4 days (especially during moon time) playing the game till the end. I love role playing games like Horizon, Far Cry, God of War, The Witcher, Unchartered, Tomb Raider etc….

But as an empath, I have to share my experiences. In my youth of pc games like warcraft and such, I have no issues. I can go sleepless endlessly.

But as I grew wiser in age, I need to ground myself and take a breather more often than expected. As an empath, sometimes, I play with everything I got, physical and spiritually and got sucked into the world of games and reality may get a little funky.

Even mobile games like call of duty mobile (I don’t really like killing games of humans towards another humans, but I learn to understand my sons)… If I played endlessly, grind… To complete my battle pass of level 50 to get all the 4 avatars etc, I need to break. Even if I afk, for 8 hours playing the BR, I will go haywire. My spirit will go fleeting even if I’m present and aware of my now. And eventually if I don’t do anything about it, I will have some form of vertigo or difficulty breathing at any elevation (lying, sit down, etc like heart burn but breathing version).

But that is me.

I guess different empaths different issues.

So how do I solve these? By taking a break and ground myself through meditation, get out in the sun, do breathing and grounding exercises.

If too much, just go unplugged for days. Go total sabbatical on gadgets for days.

It’s like the body, heart, mind and spirit went haywire and cannot unite.

When I had a break of years from consoles (Wii, PlayStation etc) , to restart is difficult. So I had to go slow to calibrate me integrating into the games. The controls of moving, especially in games like fortnite can make my eyes go twirly furly. And headaches at times.

In learning about healing through emotion Code and body code, I’ve learnt that some games also have negative effect on kids. The vibes, the output, energy, the unseen etc… Also hidden messages and all the gore, inhumane killing etc that may go against our conscience way of life, may disrupt and overhaul our beings.

So I have to learn about muscle testing and asking the kids, the right questions as trained.

So gamers and parents of gamers, be aware. Notice and observe your kids. Control their screen time in balancing with their outdoor activities. Adult empaths gamers like me, feel your bodies and beings. Listen and do what is needed to heal.

When all these are not rectified, they only compounded and create bigger symptoms. If unsure always seek the professionals for advice. And always read my disclaimer before attempting anything shared.

Note: I believe everyone is an empath to a certain extent. So use whatever info shared that feels right to you. Most times, when we immersed ourselves in some activities, we leave parts of ourselves here and there. Like traveling, taking flights, video games and many more, sometimes in happyness, sometimes in traumatic events, we may leave parts of us. When we are not grounded, often times, our being is not in 1 place (all parts of selves are not glued together).

1 way I’ve learnt is to call them home to you – example :say it or intent – I call all parts of me to come home to me (or I call upon my spirit to reside into my body where it truly belong) . And then tap on your 3rd eye chakra area and slide upwards towards your hairline. Our fingertips are magnetic. And when we tap, we tap on meridian lines (energy streams/pathways) that can either release trapped emotions, memories…. whatever energy that one intended or can also call upon energy that is lost and forgotten to come home.

(I know this is very woowoo for some of you. I’ve gone thru traumatic events in life and I understood what it’s like to never be present and constantly being “checked out”. Sometimes the fear of our past happening again, make us not feeling safe to be 100% home in our bodies. There are myriad ways to solve this. This is one way, I’ve learnt that is, just energy healing tool and does not clash with my faith and beliefs. Parents can also do them for their kids. Just intent.)

Grounding exercises:

  1. Imagining your legs have roots that extend to the core of the earth.
  2. Walk barefoot onto the soil.
  3. Can do EFT (tapping) with own script – example :I am grounding myself now. Though, I feel my spirit is fleeting, I am getting more and more grounded with every tap I do.
  4. Take a relaxing bath or shower.
  5. Tap onto 3rd eye chakra and affirm, I am grounded now.
  6. Make tea and savour the present moment.
  7. Exercise.
  8. Do what feels right for you to ground.
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