All relationships are maths problem to be solved

All relationships are maths problems…

To be questioned, poked and looked at… And solved with the couple’s own unique formula to be created.

As mentioned, I’ve been a student of love and relationships. I’ve had many global and local coaches guiding me. I’ve also had the Universe giving me its own set of challenges.

As much as I used to delude myself that I desire a happy matured straight man who knows how to troubleshoot himself like I do, I was often attracted to wounded trouble makers. I felt compelled to help them solve themselves.

The needy desire to be a solution to many men’s lives.

But the spell was broken when I was made aware.

Relationships coaching is one of the most challenging. Because it has nooks and crannies to be investigated. Every part of the skeleton in the closet need to be seen, heard and matter.

And one person is already challenging, plus another?… beyond headaches.

And some problems, cannot be solved by only 1 person. It’s a relationship with another, a couple ship, not a solo ship. Sometimes, unawakened peeps do not want I be solved. They rather let it unfold slowly.

Thinking let nature run it’s course means, no need of action on their part. Only when the pattern is exhausting destructing and painful then, they decided to wake up and do something about it. By then, most of their companions have already left.

Only when I was awakened by my truths that I decided to stop attracting wounded men. I tell myself, it’s OK to be in companionships of men who seems to have got everything together.

Because in any equation and equilibrium, the inclusion of a new additional matter (me in his life and him in mine) may cause imbalances. Thus, in relationships, there will always be problems solving process.

So it’s OK to take the easy way sometimes. Solved man more harmony. Unsolved man, stubborn to change.. may equates unseen ideas/illusions of perpetual eruption of joy and excitement but definitely lots of trouble.

Once in a while, potholes on a roadtrip is OK but constant pot holes? I may need to change the mode of transport or get off the highway fully. Or just get out and walk. It’s more scenic.

As I worked upon myself, I attract the right type of peeps around me. I stopped rejecting these happy peeps. And begin to appreciate the sunshiny demeanor they brought onto our lives intermingling together.

I too brought upon some form of miracles onto theirs, I believe.

So for all those trouble attractors like me, do a deep work onto why, do you need to rescue others? Keep asking why, why, why… Get to the bottom of it. Dig the root of it all.

For me, when I was young, I waited and waited for my parents, mostly my birth father to come and save/rescue me, but no one came. Worse if the problems need to be rescued from, were the actually illusioned saviors awaited.

Anyway, I ended up rescuing peeps and animals along my way, growing up. I desire that no one should face hopelessness like I did. And resolute to be the peeps’ hero and warrior. Sometimes, I even rescue others who do not wish to be rescued as well. And ends up the martyr.

Eventually this endless, exhausting mission, was let go when I grew up in soul maturity and wisdom.

Ask yourself, when will you let go? On the last breath?

Have fun, discovering. Be curious, always.

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