Hifz Quran

Hifz Quran

I was accidentally a hifz student in my late teens. A new Ustaz, Hafiz Quran of many qiraat, just graduated from Madinah University, had came to my Quran school. I was intrigued.

He was only a few years older than me. And his recitation was melodious, he was humbled n down to earth. And he was precise. He actually describe the attributes of every alphabet in every of his Quranic classes. I was hooked.

Later on as I volunteered more, he became one of very few who was close as a brother and had taught me the lifestyle of a HAFIZ Quran and the responsibilities that come with it.

I stopped till I memorised 3 juz. Then I got married n bore kids. But I do my best not to let my 3 Juz slipped away. The habit of revision of hifz was in my everyday especially when I was pregnant.

As I grew older n got busier, somehow, I neglected the Quran. I became lost n felt unworthy to continue.

After mom passed, I realised that I wasn’t as religious as I used to. I regretted not able to part my Hifz to her daily for her “bekal” (sustenance) to bring some to hereafter. But my kids did recite to her daily (sometime elders when they cannot see clearly, they remember thru sounds) .

I was also a Quranic teacher who taught kids, teens n adults the basics of Quranic literacy. And I let that go to due to unworthiness.

Anyway, many things happened in my mid life stage. Though my unworthiness became worse and my heart grew cold n hard as stone…i have not visited the Holy lands for almost a decade.

I cannot even bear watching the live Mecca on TV. But I did in Ramadan n the flood gates suddenly flooded my eyes n my heart. I felt unworthy of God’s forgiveness nor any form of redemption but I felt it’s time to come home to Him.

Later, on I bought my kids on their virgin visit to the 3 holy lands diy. Alhamdulillah, I’m glad we did it cos right, after there were many incidents happened that totally blocked Muslims from visiting Jerusalem.

One of my many supplications was answered there with Hifz Quran as a solution. I was again invited to continue my hifz. It took me a long n hard time to accept this. Because I don’t want to fail again. And I also invited my sons to complete with me.

It was not easy. It felt the beginning was truly a challenging part of the journey.

Excuses, body maladies and many more unfolded to disrupt my ingraining of hifz in my daily lifestyle. I was fortunate I found another teacher to guide me.

Anyway, since I’m a kinesthetic student, and I’m having issues with current Sura Jinn, I decided to make ease for me n those who r having similar issues…

Huge fonts. No ads.
Easy to hifz while moving (kinesthetic students like me) – do exercise, do chores, do whatever while doing our best to memorise the Quran.

Also huge fonts r targeted for a matured students like me – midlife, elderly, retired peeps who got loads of time. So why not focus on the words of Allah?

I’ve heard of elderlies age 80s n beyond completing their hifz. Such inspiration for me. So anything is definitely possible.

Anyway, my YouTube channel…

Currently stuck at Hifz of Surah Jinn…

Sura Jinn part 1

Sura Jinn part 2

And my journey again to hifz… Not as fast as I wanted it to be but it’s my noob pace…


InsyaAllah,i will do the whole Quran vids but it will take some time cos I’m pretty rusty with the whole youtube, Imovie, vid edit, mac n all that….

Resourcers r not all mine. But I do my best to get the Saudi Madinah Quran hafs app (free for all) and the reciter Saad Al-Ghamidi was my favorite in my teens. Thus, I rekindle his voice to remember my old hifz. The reciter voice I bought from itunes. Though copyrighted, the owner allowed me to use them for youtube for hifz students.

My surroundings r mostly retirees age 50 n above. Parents getting older. Uncles n aunties cannot really see clearly anymore.

And I saw them like my late grandmom (she was someone who memorised Quran till her last breath)…who was struggling with the fonts (I did buy her the A4 size Quran).

I browsed thru apps especially smart TV but cannot find huge fonts Quran and I decided to just do it for myself n others who r in similar predicament.

I wanted to create such app but my fav app maker was MIA (He did my blog into app once upon a time).

Anyway, if it serves u well, just dua for us all n recite Al-Fateha for all of us involved.

Who knows, one day someone will create such app n make it affordable for us all growing wiser in age, so we can retire n be hafiz/hafizah becos of Allah.

Being a HAFIZ Quran it’s not just about memorising but to actually practise what we memorised in our daily lives. That is the challenge.

We should be thankful that Allah has given us the Quran and He promised to take care of it (unlike others books that peeps have edited n changed).

And in these troubled times where many wars, diseases spreading thru, learning the Quran and memorising it should be our top priority. Why? Because the answers n healing r all in there. (reminder to me)

But for now, let’s focus on completing the Hifz Quran InsyaAllah. May Allah make ease for us and help us, guide us always. And allow us to be permanent dwellers of JANNATUL Firdaus Amiin.

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