May 2018

Women and menses

This was a belated post… 2 years belated. It was from my experience in a warrior camp in Spain where I volunteered in 2016. i thought I had shared this blog post but it seems not. Recently a warrior angel reminded me of how this post has helped her to feel wonderful in spite of […]

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I grew very sappy every Ramadan. I’m not sure if it’s the purging and healing but definitely there are something in the works. In Ramadan, I was taught that the deceased are freed to visit their loved ones on earth. They have not transcended yet to heavens but were placed temporarily in a different realm.

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Ramadan is an invitation for cleansing and purification

Every Ramadan, my feet often travels far and wide, doing their best to have a different set of experiences I encountered back home… hoping that it creates deeper meaning of fasting, faith, rituals, union of Muslim community, integration of all muslims and non-muslim locals, love, spirituality and gratitude within… including fostering the relationship of man

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