The truth is that you don’t know what you really want…

People often felt lost when they tried everything to achieve what they think they desire…and when they got it, they are not happy..

And then they got on to pursue the next best thing, they think they need, desire etc…

An endless chase… to nowhere.

To really know what you truly desire is to understand what YOU ARE, first…

All answers are already within us.

Ask and be ready to receive.

People come to me for all kinds of questions and readings… but actually everyone can do it themselves.

Empaths like me can be psychic but in actual fact, everyone has this gift.

Most data that can be “read” are from the auric field. We carry our “information” everywhere.

So sensitives, empaths, psychics can “mirror” them back to you and “read” you.

This is the simplest form of “reading” for me… for slightly complicated ones like Akashic records and such… you can meditate.

There are many resources on the net for such meditations or you can get teachers/guides to help you gather the answers.

The easiest way for me to “read” spontaneously is to silence myself and seek within. It’s ok if you cannot see aura, or hear your higher selves etc…everyone can do it. Even a child.

In life, our guts and intuition constantly gives us clues…

Try this…
When there is a nagging feeling, a form of uneasiness in a situation or in a location or even meeting a person or be in groups etc…

Silence yourself, body, heart, mind and soul, be in that stillness deep within and ask… “what do I need to know now…about me, that person, this situation, this challenge, my parents… so and so… for the highest good of all? Please make it clear for me to understand. Thank you.“

(i normally add “dear God in front, you can add what you believe in.. like Divine,Creator, spirits, higher self etc).

And then wait… the answers can be in all kinds of forms… can be synchronicity (or if you believed in coincidences), a stranger approaching you and telling you the answer, dreams may appear later etc

To know your true desire…(you can personalise the request in your own way).

For me, its more like a prayer…

”Dear God show me clearly if this/he/she is good for me, if not show me a better way… or a better person etc… and let me be ready to embrace it/he/she … for my highest good.”

Or if you make a list of your desires (example soulmate list or wealth manifestation list… add “THIS OR SOMETHING BETTER” at the end of it.

Hope that helps.

I love you.

More info on auric field…to understand yourself better

p.s: Just sharing my experience…

I did this often but one incident stood tall for me…

I had a boyfriend whom I was not really in love with but he was matured, dependable and “husband material”.

So we broke up and I used to blame myself for all the non positive things in my life and thought that I was being extremely picky.

I wanted a reconciliation due to the guilt but my heart felt heavy. And so i said the above “prayer”… and let God take over.

i was about to meet him spontaneously to “patch back”… but somehow he met with an accident and we never meet till years later on a job.

And I found out the blessings why we did not meet.

Its really powerful.

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