September 2023

Being psychic…

I believe in my heart that every human is psychic. Psychic meaning – the art of telepathy, psychometry, healing, intuitive knowing, remote viewing, and many more are all given to us. My psychic abilities are open to me when I was young, perhaps a baby because I cried for the longest time, every night (not […]

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Traveling empaths

What are empaths? I cannot fully share what it means to be an empath. But what I can say is, for me I can feel everything including your thoughts expressed or not. Empaths can be super sensitive in their surroundings and in their physical bodies, heart, mental and spiritual as well. I don’t know what

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Rescuing strays

Are you a rescuer like me? Stop the pattern…Stop playing the hero and allow others to be their own heroes and solutions. When I was younger, my bro and I love to invite stray cats home. They will make messes at home and peed but we had great fun trying to clean and fed them.

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Heart Aura

I have a theory about empath. The many reasons many peeps approached them with their problems and challenges or just for a listening ear is not just because their aura is of perforated dashes unlike most whom has none. But because their heart aura shines beyond their natural aura. For me, I feel my surroundings

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