Being psychic…

I believe in my heart that every human is psychic. Psychic meaning – the art of telepathy, psychometry, healing, intuitive knowing, remote viewing, and many more are all given to us.

My psychic abilities are open to me when I was young, perhaps a baby because I cried for the longest time, every night (not colic, the village I lived in was truly scary, near forest, ghostly, they were peeps rumoured to practiced witchcraft and more)

And no matter who or what was brought as a solution, nothing can appease me. It healed itself after few years.

And then, I went through a series of events of neglect, abuses etc from caregivers… that I had to learn to protect and defend myself at a tender age of 3/4.

All my senses are awaken for self preservation. Whatever they called it now, 3rd eye opening, clairvoyant, clairsentience, psionic, psychometric etc, super sensitive empath, visions of strangers I’ve touched or be in vicinity with, I can read their info or see visions like on TV screens and see peeps’ death dates and more. It was overwhelming.

And my guardians were not able to handle them that they either had no reaction to what I told them or they told me to shut it, out of fear. I was not taught to embrace them nor accept them as gifts but as weaknesses and freaks of nature.

I grew up, doing my best to numb myself. Eventually it all exploded. And I became super sensitive in my adult years… The term is empath.

After became famous for blogging, I felt my fake parts were showcasing itself in public. And one by one is dismantling from me. I felt as if, this illusion parts of me was slowly disintegrating and dissolving.

I felt “broken, badly wounded and unwhole” .

After my divorce, I resolute to travel the world and seek solutions to heal myself. And I did. But I didn’t expect the next step, is to heal others.

But that is the best part – Healing others, mirror parts of me I have not yet healed fully. We interchange being teachers and students with one another and leave each other feeling healthier and happier.

Recently I was frustrated because I was teaching my kids to sharpen their intuitive skills and they were half asleep most of the time. They were not curious at all like I was.

And I reflected upon them and my childhood. My gifts were awaken to protect me. Whereas my kids are safe and comfy because I did my best to be there all the time for them. They do have the intuitive skills but they were “lazy” to harness (or overwhelmed. They are empath like me. And if overwhelmed, they get tired easily) and sharpen them. They don’t even know what to do with these gifts after learning them.

When they were younger, it was easier to practise with them like games. As they grew to be young adults, their interest in this was lessen.

I believe these gifts gets more powerful in the next gen. And I wanted them to be prepared. To use this gifts is useful especially in everyday life. With the endless info flowing through many directions in a person’s life. By using our own intuitive gifts, we can discern what is good or not good for us.

If I were to share the info I taught to my kids like time bending, psychometry, teleport and woowoo stuff, peeps might label me as crazy. And because I’ve experienced the woo2 stuff, I don’t ever want my kids to feel like a freak if ever they unfold these special gifts of mankind, within themselves.

And the TV shows, movies and dramas about such gifts are truly nonsensical. They focused more on negativity then the good it can bring to the world.

Anyway, I’m not so super good that I can do housework just by mind control telekinesis stuff. But mine was always discovered unexpectedly when I wanted something so bad or to protect myself and my kids.

And especially during healing, coaching and consultation sessions, my abilities are sharpened to what was needed at that time. And it gets better and more powerful everytime I use it.

Those who knew me and my gifts often do their best to justify me and themselves with…-Lina you are a single mom, you have gone through a lot thus God gives you special abilities so you can take care of yourself and your family well.

Some thought, it’s a must to have if one become a single mom, like some kind of disease, or abused in childhood or because I chose to be a healer and such. Like a must gift for such “bad luck” from the higher power.

The truth is, I never thought God discriminate us as such. And I never feel that my life is bad luck or whatever… I believe everyone has these gifts. And I can guide anyone to be aware of their psychic gifts. I’ve done it, regardless how judgy or cynic they are.

But now, I only chose likeminded loving spiritual kind peeps who are committed to learn. I learn to love myself by discerning peeps who I chose to spent time and energy with.

If you are keen, grab this book- Jose Silva everyday Esp …. The title is something like that. I didn’t learn through this method. I learn through what life (it’s challenges, test, peeps and more…) has thrown on me. But I find this book is interesting and comprehensive.


Healers =psychics. Let me help you tune into your own psychic gift that is useful for you…

Try this – if ever you are in physical or emotional pain. Say to yourself – “I am a healer. My body can auto heal itself.” Look at your hands. Feel the vibe and place your hand onto the parts that hurt, for 5 minutes.

Observe and write down what happens. Be aware. Do it a few times. Communicate and ask – how can I heal this? And let go.

The answer will appear in forms we may not expect. Let the Higher Power takes over. Have fun. And be Curious.

Oh, remote viewing is not cult thingy or witch craft. If ever you get your hands on remote viewing pdf or reports by the USA military practices of CRV, read it and attempt it. Everyone has this gift.

Whether you use it for good or bad, that depends on you. So be responsible. Always note that whatever you do onto others will come back to you and your loved ones be it this gen or next or whatever karmic backlash, the Higher Power think you deserves. The ripples always come back.

For me, I accidentally chanced upon it when I traveled the world, solo and was curious as to how my kids were in schools etc. It just happened for me. I get to see them “live”. And they get to “see” me too. Weird but it’s true.

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