About Lina Masrina

Who is Lina?

It all begins with the restless feet eager to start their own adventures alongside curious tummy and a very colorful imagination armed with a strong belief that everything is possible….

Putri-berendam.blogspot.com started as a humble Halal food blog in 2007 where halal food bloggers were almost non-existent. She intended to help her local community but it spread wildly internationally.

A Singaporean who is also a global citizen, someone with a passion of traveling the world in search of her 2 loves – Halal food and people of the world.

Lina (aka *Putri Berendam) started out uncovering local street food, restaurants/eateries in her hometown with her loved ones in Singapore.

Next, she proceed on with road trips thru Malaysia and Thailand. Soon after, her hunger and curiosity spurred her passion further to travel solo for this quest.

End of 2010-early 2013, Lina left for her solo World Tour ; covering Asia, Europe, Africa, America and also the Oceania region.

This blog became popular and was featured in many medias; magazines, newspapers, digests, TV (US and Singapore) and many more.

In 2010, official site Worldhalalquest.com was created. World Halal Traveler™ came alive. In 2012,World Halal Quest company was formed. 

She received numerous invites worldwide to travel and eat in restaurants, street food eateries and hotels of the world. From typical to bizarre food like snails, porcupines and even horseshoe crabs to “pure darkness dining” …

As long as it’s Halal, she will say YES!

She then became one of the top Halal food travel editor, partnering with one of the top women empowerment groups. She was known for sharing her world solo travels, worldwide.

Her youtube channel has garnered up to 141,000 local and international viewers. And her blog has millions of readers.

She has been ambassador of various products and as a successful single mom entrepreneur role model.

Meanwhile in between her travels, she participates in self-development programs locally and internationally. She also volunteers and has worked with various phenomenal speakers and trainers of the world which includes Tony Robbin, Les Brown, Sir Richard Branson, Blaire Singer, Robert Riopel, Nic Vujicic,  and many more.

  1. Certified Age and Past life Regressionist
  2. Certified Emotion Code Practitioner & Body Code
  3. Certified Advanced Ho’oponopono Practitioner
  4. Certified Advanced Law Of Attraction Coach
  5. Certified Female & Sacred Body Healing Coach
  6. Certified NLP Life Coach
  7. Ceremonised Enlightened Warrior
  8. Master Teacher Heart Centered Reiki 
  9. Money Reiki Master Teacher and more …

In 2015, LinaMasrina.Com was born. Her “halal” journey has come to an end.She realised that her life is the happiest when she travels and so she decides to pursue what really matters to her. Not saving the world but just focusing on self happyness and fulfillment-by simply traveling and enjoying the beauty of everything as her life unfolds miraculously everyday.

She stumbled upon healing thru out her journey (even as a child) but she never took them seriously until her life was shredded by the many wounds she hid. While on a retreat in Bali, she was asked to learn and perform healing professionally. Following her heart, she agreed. Ever since embracing the new door of the unknown and opportunity, it felt like healing has always been second nature to her. (Her story here)

She travels the world often and work with the locals wherever she go with whatever gifts she has and can offer. She also conducts local workshops and programs in life development sharing her life and travel experiences as a spontaneous love traveler, heart healer/coach/facilitator and soul writer/author who has now traveled to 47 countries. Her clients ranges from business owners, lawyers, teachers, priests, politicians, doctors, coaches, parents, healers, kids and even random strangers she met through her spontaneous travels.

She hopes that whatever she do, it can help shed some light to lives of like-minded people and vice-versa with love

Her family is very important to her. Her kids has traveled a third of the countries with her.

 She is open to all opportunities concerning love, healing and manifesting.

Now she travels to spread LOVE around the world anyway she can and through her teachings and programs, to ignite the love within. Love that can heals everything. Love that can accelerate manifestations using law of attractions. Love that can remove all blocks to your happiness and being the love that you are.

She has worked with some of the wealthiest, some of the top management people, world coaches and everyone in between including random strangers she meet everywhere. She has visited homes around the world, some fancy, some humbling, but all taught her that everything is connected in love.

She was featured in local and international media ranging from newspapers, magazines, digests, tv channels and radio.

Featured in:

Praises & Gratitudes

“Gratitude unlocks all that’s blocking us from really feeling truthful, really feeling authentic and vulnerable and happy.” – Gabrielle Bernstein

“When I first met Lina, I was weighed down by my issues in life. For quite some time, I have been feeling numbed and feeling like I wasn’t myself. I was drowning myself in work as a means to escape and it made me feel more worn out. I dismissed my inner nudges to care for self because I was feeling tired all the time. I missed the person I was, I missed being truly happy and carefree, I missed laughing my heart out and having a really good time.

During our meet up session, I cried a lot and that was a good release because I was finally feeling my burdens. I also came to learn that I am an empath. Things began to make sense to me and I started taking care of my wants and needs, as I have a tendency to sacrifice my comfort for the comfort/caring of others. I began to feel much lighter, to smile more and have more energy for myself.

My session with Lina was a very much needed kickstart to refresh myself and my life. I am armed with more knowledge and awareness to care for my own needs first and foremost. I also had a heartwall that was blocking my ability to receive and recognize abundance and opportunities. Now, I feel more thankful and grateful for the things I have, and I look forward to more in life.

I sleep better and I wake up feeling well rested. It’s these small things that I greatly and truly appreciate of having the awareness and consciousness of. Thank you Lina, for doing this with me.”



“I have the privilege to experience Lina’s healing process last month and the result of the healing and insight that I received have been very profound. Her healing process enable me to dig deeper into my childhood memories that are hindering my current experience in life. I am able to go back now to those memories feeling at peace with them and something has ‘clicked’ within. Now, I’m more certain what I need to do and what I want to bring into my life. I highly recommend using Lina’s healing processes and technique to better your life and heal from within.”

Dr. Jessica

United Kingdom

Lina travelled to my home and performed a release ceremony on myself that led me to recognize the burden of unwanted I am carrying from my mother. Lina’s calm and controlling abilities were necessary to guide my experience, and she offers a respectful and quiet presence to assist in the space of release. I was honoured to receive her gift of learned knowledge and expect to continue the path of development that is my own with further insights from spirit, both through Lina’s care and my desire to grow.



“After healing: It was an exciting experience for me-in the evening my right leg from my toes to my hip was very painful and in the beginning I wondered if I should take a pill —but then I decided “no Way” — the pain is leaving my body so be patient and the next Day ” i was correct –it was gone .THANK YOU LINA—

Being 80 years Old, everything takes a Little longer to work !!! –I remembered us at the YBurg–I walked backwards down the Hill !!! —today I walked down a hill frönt way and I laughed to myself doing it . Loving Greetings.”



“When I came to you, I had a back surgery scheduled, in order to remove a cyst that was compressing my spinal cord to a third of its normal size. I was in a lot of pain and didn’t have a big range of movement anymore. A few days after our healing session my back and my hips were ready to dance again and now almost two months after – no operation – no pain – only gratefulness and happy smiles when I’m riding my bike to school or dancing with my girls. 

Thank you for helping me remember my healing power within and the healing support around me. Thank you for believing in me so that I could remember and let go thoughts and feelings that didn’t serve me anymore.
You are a truly amazing gift to this world. Thank you for sharing yourself with me. Love you so much!”



“This realisation…this sudden awareness, I think has something to do with the healing that my Lina Masrina did on me when she came to visit not too long ago. I think the healing has cleared the path for my self-pity to finally find its way out and roam free. Because from that day onwards, as though in trance, I felt at ease and in peace with myself. I began to be AWARE. I began to think what I think and feel what I feel. The most recent heartbreak, though I have been carrying with me for the past 18 or so years, have disappeared into thin air. I could still remember but no longer do I feel the pain. I could finally FORGIVE myself and let go. Really, really let go.

Amazing, isn’t it? How a 30-minutes healing could make a 26 years of inner pain, suffering and self-pity dissolved into thin air and purify the soul? That, was indeed a purification for me.
Since then on, everyday my senses seem to be awake. Like I have just got out from a coma. To my amazement, most of the time things that I’ve been thinking would physically appear. For example if I’ve been thinking of a certain words of wisdom, in an instance I would be reading the same in a book. It all started only recently.”



“I could feel an immediate chance at the end of the healing session. I was standing up straighter, I was smiling more and for the first time ever, I felt like the load of weight on my shoulders that I had been carrying all this time was gone. Thanks for reminding that I didn’t need to carry all this burden, and for helping me to release it.  I would highly recommend a healing session with Lina to re-calibrate yourself, remind yourself that you’re solid gold as you are, and to release what you no longer need. Thanks so much Lina!”- 



Leg and back are much better have a hospital appointment for an ultrafast on the arm as x-ray showed nothing amiss..”


United Kingdom

I feel my body more relax and no more anxiety. My vision brighter and I feel my shoulders much lighter. I just feel great now like all negative thing been out from myself.”



“I had the chance getting to know Lina in the hills of Girona, spain in 2016. We both were supporting people’s breakthroughs by being part of the karma crew at T.Harv Ekers enlightened warrior training camp.

Lina is bringing an amazingly heart opening quality just by her presence already. The way she looked at me and asked me questions of her interest was as natural as a duck takes to water.

During the 5 day of training we bonded in heart and spiritual level enjoying each other company.

Lina is an amazing woman with a very big heart for all creatures of our beautiful planet.

I highly recommend getting in touch with her if anything you read here sync within you. Aho!”

Playful Dancing Dolphin Warrior


What Can I Do for You?

“A healer’s power stems not from any special ability, but from maintaining the courage and awareness to embody and express the universal healing power that every human being naturally possesses.”
Eric Micha’el Leventha.

As a Healing Coach and guide, my role is to guide you to sync your heart, soul with your being…and allow your true self unfolds.

 To efficiently clear what needs to be removed, heal any debris and perform  heart detox, and make space for you to joyously embrace everyday abundance and miracles.

I’ve worked with people from all around the world.

My clients range from business owners, lawyers, teachers, priests, politicians, parents, healers, kids (& teens) , celebrities, civil servants and even random strangers I just met through my spontaneous travels.

We are manifestors. We attract what we are. Our results are the product of our current lives now. So why not take a step further and make it great?

I believe that it is our birthright to be happy, whole and abundant.

Need Advice?

Connect with me heart to heart.

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