Heart Aura

I have a theory about empath. The many reasons many peeps approached them with their problems and challenges or just for a listening ear is not just because their aura is of perforated dashes unlike most whom has none. But because their heart aura shines beyond their natural aura.

For me, I feel my surroundings first before I can mentally have an idea what I’m surrounded with. So my heart works first and then connect with my mind. If you read about heart Math, you know that science will prove its truth.

Everyone is an empath to a certain degree. If they cannot feel, that probably means, it was hidden, numbed and forgotten… it’s truth due to circumstances, beliefs adopted, peeps surrounding them, empowering/traumatic events throughout it’s existence.

I’ve known supersensitives (me too) , some of my spiritual tribes may call us, indigo children whose role may include spreading compassion and love. But growing up, their caretakers are not well equipped to harness their gifts thus they either shun them or hid them.

And even after 40+ they are not able to express their truths and often become a “clown” (fake identities/fraud/who dislike/hate their current selves) to hid their truths.

Peeps don’t take them seriously. But sadly if they have offsprings, their children cannot connect with them on an intuitive, deeper level.

I’ve noticed that they may also not be healthy as most truths are hidden, staying unconscious within. Perhaps raging, wanting to be seen, heard and matter. I do not desire to state the predictable of the lifelong effects, perhaps that is the test one has to undergone to truly be themselves.

These are what I observed, not necessarily true for you.

I’ve known my role is to awaken one heart at a time.

I’ve tumbled, rolled, fallen and many more towards unknown paths I’ve chosen myself and I know what it’s like to pretend to be someone else to save my own skin from my cruel perpetrators as a child.

If you ever need to decide to stop being the fraud version of you, you can connect with me (if only you feel sync) and let’s work together peeling the many layers of masks you held so dear and be your shining truth no matter what that may seem.

This work is only for human warriors. Because it’s a dedication, commitment, doing whatever it takes (that is legally, Integrity and not hurting others type of actions) to go through the finishing line, determination, perseverance and strength that everyone can have but a few chosen to do. And I can walk by your side.

Currently on sabbatical. After I’ve let go of my company, I’m working towards becoming a digital nomad so I’m free to roam the world but continue my hejng work through online and distance healing coaching work. Do check my status through my services page. Thank you.

I always pray for those who read my blog since 2007 and now… 2023…to have some kind of shining enlightenment and empowerment including aha moments to awaken their own truths and unfold solutions within and without so life can be more harmonious, healthy and happy filled with much love fun and adventure.

Note: I believed we each are blessed to have healing abilities and that our bodies can auto heal themselves. My role is to facilitate that.

I believed that The Creator is the Ultimate Healer because without His will and permission, nothing is possible.

Disclaimer:All info provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please contact your professional healthcare provider before attempting any info provided in all my media and suggestions shared.

P. S: another neglect I’ve discovered lately was I forgotten to meditate and housekeep my spiritual heart. So when I went in, I saw my heart surroundings were filled with harden goo that needs to be taken out, melted and cleansed. And to redecorate the place again. No wonder, my heart was having lots of trouble lately. Too heavy even when I’ve used emo and body code.

Just FYI. If nothing works for your heart, mediate and visualised your heart wellbeing. Noticed its surroundings and how cluttered it is. Remove all that is not necessary.

Do heart cleaning with imaginary vacuum and fire and stuff. If there are peeps and more, trust your Intuition to do whatever needed to do. Normally there shouldn’t be anyone there because it’s your sacred heart space.

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