Meno-pause is a journey towards acknowledging what we have been neglecting in our lives


Take a breather and start looking at the challenges arising in our golden years either towards menopause age or after or anything in between.

Even as a healer officially for 9 years (unofficially 40+), my endless journey towards understanding myself and my life is still a work in progress. As I’m reaching my unfathomable age of 46, (inside still as young as 19 :))….

Challenges seeps in almost weekly. It’s like I was given homework in fast pace as compared to before, whereby a challenge can last months or even years.

One thing for sure, I’m more sensitive than I used to. I’ve seen manifestations happen (good and not good) with just thoughts in head.

Imbalance of physical body happens abruptly according to the unconscious thoughts and emotions portrayed within.

My heart is easily bogged down by whatever is happening in my surroundings. Processing takes ages. Once triggered, it won’t heal immediately but it takes its own sweet time. Previously mass events, I can tolerate, now I rather not even enter.

My attention span is super short. My body will move immediately to exit as I begin to feel drowsy (“yawn”) from the inside.

I don’t have patience to be polite nor any space or energy for tolerance for those not yet awakened. I don’t even bother explaining – felt like a waste of time and energy.

I rather be fulltime introvert unlike before where as a wanderer I interchange extrovert and introvert swiftly according to social needs around me. I can be in my cave for days.

My food intake also changes. I prefer more fresh raw vegetables than meat. More fish too.

And into “old people” diet that I used to dislike like – salted fish, anchovies, Kimchi, anything fermented especially beans (taucho-yikes?).

I’m a minimalist. Normally, I’m okay with 1 pot dish for 3x meals per day. But now I’ve gone simpler, or perhaps lazier. I rather grab a piece of bread and slap some cheese on it than cook.

I’m so vulnerable that I felt standing beside a stranger, I can psychometry my way into their lives. Who needs cable TV when you got this, right? Watching so many TV screens wherever one go.

Recently I watched the korean TV series – behind your touch. I was laughing all the way watching it.

Pretty nonsense with some dash of truthfulness. (I don’t like to watch drama/TV because I believe it shall manifest its way into my reality but do u remember I mentioned that – I was experimenting with diff TV streaming channels recently even rakuten etc).

And because of that, I decided to binge on Kdrama, documentary, movies etc…

It’s funny cos I never was a fan of pretty boy I was so put off by their lack of masculinity projected thru their makeup and style of clothes, years back in Bali when one of my friend’s kids love the kpop so much.

This time while exploring the many TV channels for free, I experimenting again by seeing them in a different light.

OK, after watching so many so called “handsome” and “pretty” hero and heroines (do you noticed how many times those words are used in every episode? The inside of people don’t matter as long as you are good looking on the outside. And everything can be solved under the knife /plastic surgery superficial society)…..

I can say, I kinda like Rowoon in destined with you kdrama. But after many bingeing on kdramas, I began to find a pattern out of their 16/32 episodes. I truly applaud all the kdrama fans because they truly have so much time and patience.

(Thru my perspectives – Pattern-episode 1 introduction of main hero and heroines, 2nd hero and heroines. The you know feel what’s the main problem gonna be but the problem will only be identified in 8/9 th episode. Then the end 15th, the solution is provided. 16th is the happy ever after or twisted end or cliff hanger. The rest are all fillers. Not needed. All can be solved if ego put aside and just express thru direct honest communication without the need to act macho, pretend to be gangster like strong or involve misunderstandings that interlink till headache).

Anyway, every country’s portrayal of TV shows depict the mass of their nation’s truth. It’s considered “autosuggestions/brainwashing” to me. So to understand the locals while traveling, sometimes, we can refer to their TV programs.

As an empath…
I cannot sleep near electrical stuff or even gadgets like phones or laptops. But recently I did. And so all kinds of imbalances popped up within and without which I was surprised to find because it seldom happens to me.

Anyway, I tried entering the international society through its likes and I find that some are too much melodramatic for me. As I go on cold turkey from my binge-ING. I hope you are aware of what you put in your system daily….body, heart, mind and spirit.

I believe we attract what we are. (recently I noticed everywhere I go, there are many Koreans beside me and I’m not in Korea).

The rituals we habitually do everyday are the very things that is causing whatever good and not so good in our lives.

The answers are already within you. If you are not as happy as you are supposed to be, have fun troubleshooting yourself.

Oh and what have I been neglecting? My skin. Alhamdulillah, I seldom fuss over my skin thru out my life. I don’t even have a cleansing ritual. So because of the imbalances popping up, I decided to focus on my skin. Perfect that I’m watching kdrama with heroes and heroines with glass skinned glow. Empowering me to be less lazy and start having a cleansing skin habit.

Note: I believed we each are blessed to have healing abilities and that our bodies can auto heal themselves. My role is to facilitate that.

I believed that The Creator is the Ultimate Healer because without His will and permission, nothing is possible.

Disclaimer:All info provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please contact your professional healthcare provider before attempting any info provided in all my media and suggestions shared.

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