childhood trauma

When a child face traumatic experience, sometimes they blocked it out for fear of experiencing it over and over again when they think about it. Thus in adulthood, they may unfold when one is ready to heal them.

Though in body code, and emotion code we can released the memories or vibes and trapped emotions connected to the trauma, depending on the severity of the trauma, healing is peeling every layer intricately because it is delicate and as much as I loved to help anyone heal fully in 1 session, often it takes longer than that.

Sometimes much time is needed in between…. a space of duration in between before healing the next layer.

Sometimes, the space can be weeks, months or even years before they are ready to adjourn. I normally teach them some basics healing tools so they can help themselves.

In every healing, patience is definitely key. It’s not about the destination of being healed, it’s about the journey.

Sometimes clients hated themselves for having such traumatic events. Not easy to exit being the victim.

Sometimes it felt like they are the “only chosen ones” to have such wounded life experiences. As if the Creator was bent on revenge or a curse was put on them.

Whatever it is, we have to start remedy that belief.

Thought in itself is powerful. When it repeat itself, it became engraved and manifested through repetition in our reality.

Healers born and made are never curses. But blessings and Miracles.

I’ve been there. I know the feeling. I’ve experienced many toxic thoughts and it’s repercussions.

Dear people, who faced trauma as a child….

If I tell you that you are being chosen to be the light, will you believe that? So many times being thrown in the darkness that you ended up being an expert of getting out of it.

Yes, it’s true healers are often wounded. They are the warriors that learn to face their fears and do whatever it takes to heal themselves. Sometimes after 1 dark night, came another.

I’ve been in that roller coaster ride that I no longer grasp at trying to control my life but let go and enjoy the ride. I’m not saying dark nights are fun that I enjoyed so much that I wanted it again and again. It’s not fun. I hated it. But when I changed my reaction towards it, it was not as bad as it seemed.

All I know is that at the end of the ride, the end of my tunnel reveals a different but beautiful location arrived. Something I never knew existed.

Of course that doesn’t mean, I won’t start kicking and screaming on my way down and up. I still do.

I emphatize with peeps who are wounded at a very young age. The incidents became so deeply engraved in the subconscious that, the fear can be overwhelmingly monstrous.

But 1 thing I know is that, as they healed one layer at a time, they became more and more powerful and strong that they expanded those so called brokenness into powers beyond their imagination.

I cannot really put into words what I’ve witnessed about their transformation. Just by being there with them, standing beside them, I can feel their powers emanating.

I knew this because, before I help others to heal, I went to learn to heal myself. And as I heal myself, 1 layer at a time, strangers will come to me often and remark about this amazing energy surrounding me from within and without.

The Warrior-hood exudes from within and shine.

And the journey does not end there.

Everything happened for reasons and blessings and Miracles that we may not understand, yet.

You were meant to shine. When others are drowning in the darkness, they can see the light you shine through your soul.

You bring hope. You bring experiences and lessons learnt/unlearn alongside the solutions. You bring courage. You felt the fear and do it anyway and you give permission to others to do the same.

Yes you were traumatised at a very young age, but you were also awakened very young, when most are asleep.

This awakening state is a blessing. You may be a one in a hundred, thousands or millions, you may feel different from the mass, but keep up the good work and continue to have patience and determination to heal yourself fully.

1 light can ripple out and it’s contagious.

Eventually it spreads and the world won’t be in the darkness anymore.

Everyone will be awakened.

Note: I believed we each are blessed to have healing abilities and that our bodies can auto heal themselves. My role is to facilitate that.

I believed that The Creator is the Ultimate Healer because without His will and permission, nothing is possible.

Disclaimer:All info provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please contact your professional healthcare provider before attempting any info provided in all my media and suggestions shared.

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