Everyone can start healing themselves now

“Everyone is born with healing abilities. The ultimate Healer is of course, our Creator. Everything is possible with His permission.” – @linamasrina (Instagram)

Everyone is born with healing abilities.

You don’t need anyone or anything or any form of book or workshop to start healing yourself. Just intent is enough.

Many believed they need to go through some form of initiation from Masters to heal themselves. Though it can be useful, it’s not necessary.

To begin, just intent.
Use your own words or follow below…

“I am now open to the healing abilities I was born with. Dear Creator please guide me. “

The rest takes practice, dedication and determination.

Healing is about heightening your senses. The more sensitive we are, the better.

After the above intent, hands are probably the easiest to start sensing which physical part of body need healing or has issues.

You can use your hands and “scan” your body slowly. Move them around your body with or without touching. Use what feels right for you.

Some peeps find it easier using their minds’ eye or some say 3rd eye. If you are 40 and above, they often are open voluntarily.

I only start using hands in my 30s when I learn healing modalities like Reiki. For parents, hands are best used for their own children. It’s automode. For example when your child has tummy ache, our first basic intinct is to touch and rub/pat his/her tummy. That is soothing for them – already healing in progress.

For others who started using 3rd eye/mind’s eye, you can sharpen them and be medical intuitive and work with professional medical doctors and more.

For me, from young, I feel greatly. Thus, I feel my surroundings and especially it’s people. I can sense pain if anyone in pain is near me.

I can also “see” but I shut it down cos of fear (my coping mechanism as a child). But if overwhelming, it can force itself out onto my vision.

Hospital is scary for me. Not just the pain but the “unseen” can be felt. Thus to enter such places, I need to recite some Quranic prayers (cos it’s the strongest defense system for me) and imagining shield or grounding to core of earth whenever necessary. Also after these visits, I need to cleanse myself with water – bathe or wudhu is sufficient.

Different peeps handle these differently. Use what feels right for you.

Peeps starting to heal themselves, always start with yourself. Only when you know yourself can one discern what is yours, theirs and what is not and draw healthy boundaries.

So after “scanning” with your hands, and you found some places have murky energy or shadowy vibe etc, you can either meditate (be in silence and focus on breathing), or do muscle testing/sway test to ask your body questions.

Or just tap onto the body part with your fingers like drumming….

With simple intent, “I allow this part of me to heal fully now. “

If you want to go deeper, tap and ask – “what do I need to know to heal fully now?”.

And be open what comes up

Best to have paper and pen nearby.

Remember this basic healing formula… “What is hidden cannot be healed fully. What needs to be healed, need to matter. And truths matter. “

Truths need to be acknowledged. Not the world’s truths but yours. So be very honest with yourself. Honesty can be scary.

But so what? If you are not comfy with your truths then who will? If you want full healing, it’s OK to be uncomfy. Shine some lights to hidden parts of you. Feel the fear and face them anyway.

If you face me or any healing professionals, it’s not the time to play ego games or be in “save face” mode. Time is of the essence. The faster we get to the core of truths the faster mode, we can be healing.

If you face yourself, even better. It’s time to be in the nude, metaphorically. Thus allowing the truths their “5 seconds of fame” is often enough. Just be, whatever form it choose to appear – good, bad, ugly, awesome, ashamed, embarrassed, angst etc

Water and breaths are necessary to flush them out. So ensure you have healthy dosage and habits. Rest whenever needed.

And be open to whatever unfolds. Also journal them down for future references and improvement.

Be patient. Take baby steps. If nothing comes up, let go and attempt again later in the most relaxed moment.

Everyone heals at different pace. Surrender fully after. Trust that healing already begins.

That’s it.

Disclaimer:All info provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please contact your professional healthcare provider before attempting any info provided in all my media and suggestions shared.

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