You are what you watched habitually…

This post is supposed to be another sharing about healing but ended being ramblings. So as usual, take whatever in this post, that feels right to empower your own life…thanks.

We each carry information, data, energy in our periphery, I called spheres. Some called it aura.

Empaths are already sensitive. But for those more sensitive than usual, like me, sometimes in a crowded mass, it can be overwhelming. Sensory overloaded. So one must be aware.

A single touch can invoke a thousand vision and info. Or in close proximity with another can do the same.

Do learn ways to shield (for some, it won’t work) or stay grounded. If not, just allow these to pass through you. Say – let them pass. It’s not mine to keep.

Remember as empaths, peeps who are sensitive or even in healing profession, it’s not our role to absorb others. They will still be given these tests until they pass. So if we absorb them for awhile, they will feel better for awhile but they will be given the same challenges until they learn/unlearn, pass and moved on.

No use absorbing others. It’s not our business.

I used to get so much that I numb myself as I rejected these information I’m reading automatically wherever I am. It’s easier as a child, sometimes.

As an empath who wanders about transgressing between continents and countries passing through vast amount of peeps, of myriad tribes, races, beliefs, faiths and more… (for those seen and how about unseen?), images may popped up. Sitting, standing or just be near anyone can trigger the “cctv” of past, present and sometimes future (resulting from current actions taken which is not set and can be changed) within me.

Some called these abilities psychic. That’s one reason empaths cannot withstand lies. Liars, fakes… Anything to thwart off the truth can be sense immediately. So don’t even begin lying or create sugarcoated truths for your own convenience.

Truth is, everyone has them. These psychic abilities is innate in all of us. We are all connected, believed it or not. Like an intricate complex web.

For those more intune with psychometry, sometimes locations itself showcased the trauma it carries of centuries old. My mom hated these war-traumatised tourist traps. So do I. Sometimes if unchecked, when we do visit museums of such memories and data, we can be feeling traumatised as if we are experiencing the war of the past. Trauma may last days or weeks after.

That’s why for me, whenever and wherever I landed, I needed a good 24 hours of no contact, leave me alone time for myself. Even warrior mates who host me, respect this. I cannot be my best self if I dont do this.

It felt like my body, heart, mind and spirit is processing information of everything present. Be it the country, people and more.

Also it can be challenging for psychic empaths to share especially to their families. Sometimes they choose to be outcast cos it’s easier that way. Even if their families have the same abilities.

My late mom had similar abilities. But I cannot convey my gifts to her as freely as i wanted to. Only to an extent, she was able to process and understand herself. In fact, I cannot communicate my healing ability to her. I can only share what I experienced, a gist of the truth not the wholesome of it all. It scares her sometimes.

It took me years to be comfy in my truth. Even if I became an outcast, an “alien” for some, a sense of separation from others and their realities and not feeling or being belonged, I am comfy.

My friends, close or not, I share whatever I feel, often. They can choose to ignore them but often the info are truths they cannot deny.

Some cannot be in my vicinity for fear they showed me more than enough info that can trigger their own vulnerability which can pierce many layers of masks and facade or even public identities/persona they parade or feel safe to be, in this world.

Some feared, I ventured into their closet full of cobwebs accidentally. It’s not the fear of me exposing them because I’m a good secret keeper since young. But because someone knew their hidden info.

This small thing can trigger insecurities even amongst the best of us.

Because of these experience… Thus, I am comfy seated with any of my clients regardless of their identities. No matter if they are Celebrities or Politicians or just everyday peeps, to me, there is no labels that can segregate us. I don’t care what you have done or whatever many packages or labels that you llillusionsd yourself to be or adamant to be… It makes no difference to me. To me, we are just 1 drop of the ocean, humanity.

Nowadays, I cannot be bothered to use my energy for random readings or feels. It’s just too much. Ignorance is always bliss.

Lately I’m doing an experiment. I seldom watch TV especially streaming channels like Netflix, Disney plus, Prime, Apple and more. But because my kids wanted to experience some, I had to go through them first.

For months, exploring different channels. Different genres of drama including the addictive korean series. I felt my being was overwhelmed in fact burdened by the many auto suggestions (hypnotic man made beliefs/illusions made real) implemented consciously (including brands advertised) and unconsciously.

As my subconscious is recording everything. I felt a sense of hopelessness and helplessness. Some impacted fear on huge scale whereas some, individually invoke some kind of psychological impact within.

There was a pont of time, my empathy for humanity was so eroded that I feel no use humanity give birth to new, everyday… alongside these patterned destructions being played out in all social and media, where each of us absorped and acted out in our everyday unconsciously rippling them into manifestations of our realities.

What about those who uses TV as means to quiet down toddlers and children as their everyday “nanny”? What do you think were programmed in those clean slate genius born minds? Or adults tired from their everyday life drama, watching endless TV drama, supposingly entertained and humoured at others’ “pathetic” lives, sort of an addiction to keep themselves away from solving their own misery.

Few days was enough for me to go in a bit of a frenzy mess. Few weeks later, my being was getting accustomed to it as a new norm. But because I’m also sharpening my healing skills, I sense them as “heavy pollution” needed to be cleansed daily.

I emphatize with the new gen searching for meaning in all their interactions. Feeling lonelier, the more they tried to connect and expressed according to the ever changing rules of the new norm depicted by mass. Some cultures segregated by the superficial demands of self inflicting labels of beauty and beasts (ugly) even as young as babies.

Imagined being labeled ugly on the day one is borned. Parents shamed for these new births and miracles.

Fears set in. Trapped in future predictions. Ugly = failed human being. Thus feeling no choice but to partake, parents playing the “societal” game feeling helpless and hopeless not standing tall with the very child they painstakingly created. Ousting them out, as outcast in their own skin. Rejected by birth by parents, their own blood. How will they fare out later in life?

And if they were convinced that physical manipulation through plastic surgery is the only way out, I cannot imagined the many layers of onions skins of lies created.

In healing, we each have to do our bestest to penetrate the many illusions of layers we self-created to get to the core of our truths. But in some cultures, we were motivated to create layers of lies to prevent us from getting to the ugly truth.

I’m feeling a different kind of angst, frustrations, helplessness. In fact, like getting stuck in a cage of no exit or escape.

Most parents rather work their time away from their children in the hope of providing a better future of materialistic achievements and opportunities than focusing on their NOW.

These are the precious moments where our babies will learn/unlearn, grow and evolved. These are priceless. Cannot be paid and can never be replaced even with the many social media and gadgets implemented and created.

Someone recording these moments on phones is not the same as being there witnessing alongside them in the physical.

These kids, these emptiness. Loneliness. Desperation of wanting love. All these can be avoided just by being there. Being present for them. Presence need no money just effort.

Instead of loving them as they are, the hole created within is enlarged. Empty souls wandering lost in and about their days. Instead of experimenting what could be, they just adopt lifestyles of peeps they think are good role models depending on the mass superficial success and fame, they each garnered. Just because the very peeps crucial to their well beings did not make time to be present.

For me, this new gen… When they seated in front of me, they vibe differently. A sense of restlessness, hastening pace of anxiety, shallow breathing and more. Lost.

To proceed, they have to slow down and be in the present moment as me. And be open to whatever that shall unfold next. But mainly adopt the ability to see everything through the eyes of love and positivity full if blessings and miracles.

And what about the TV? Well, I can allow them to watch as they grow in their young adulthood. But I have to instil their own responsibilities, imparting my experiences watching them and the healing (remedies) used.

Call me old fashioned. But I feel every parent should do their best to put themselves in their children’s shoes in the current moment not through their youthful eyes of the pasts or follow blindly pass-me-down gen of parenting that no longer works for the highest good of all concerned. Old dogs do need to learn new tricks as long as we are still breathing 🙂

As for me, I’m gonna retreat to my old regime- no news watching and slowly let go off the addictive TV drama. I’m good. I don’t need the extra

We are what we watch. The drama, movies, the everything… has a pattern that slowly engrave and integrate itself into our belief system.

Life itself is already fun. I don’t need the extra interpolation.

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