Traveling empaths

What are empaths? I cannot fully share what it means to be an empath. But what I can say is, for me I can feel everything including your thoughts expressed or not.

Empaths can be super sensitive in their surroundings and in their physical bodies, heart, mental and spiritual as well.

I don’t know what transpired me to explore my surroundings when I was young, perhaps my curiosity.

No matter how many times I got lost and cried, I ended up feeling excited to wander about, almost everyday.

My late mom told me that I skipped my crawling stage because I was super excited to learn to walk and be an explorer.

When I was a toddler, I was blessed that my grandparents lived in a village where everyone knows everybody. And in spite of different races, religion and cultures, we embrace and love one another as our kin.

I remembered observing kids from other families in their homes (I think they have an open concept because I often ended up entering different homes and kitchens) and was invited for meals as well.

Anyway back to the empath traveling…

When I travel, it is hard for my being. The many changes happening within and without. The many changes of climate, altitude, the plane, the mass of strangers boarding and seated together, the white noises, the thoughts, the feelings in everyone around me, the everything… I can feel it. I used to absorped them all like a sponge.

It felt like the end of the world, if I didn’t pause and sort them out. Empaths have to learn to discern what is theirs and others.

And so upon arrival of a new country, my first 24 hours has to be locked in 1 place, doing nothing and processing my feels.

This is how I healed myself. Just be present to what’s going on in my being.

Mostly, I need to express what is being felt. Mostly cry or sleep it out (let body auto heal) or I do healing. I feel the new land, the past, present and the peeps, I feel the Universe (plants, animals, peeps etc) events happening and more.

After the grueling 24 hours, I’m back, happier and lighter and excited to discover.

If I don’t give myself the 24 hours me-time, I get cranky and won’t be able to focus fully in the next few days or weeks. It felt like my being was overloaded to the brim.

I remembered I was staying at Hollywood and my favorite actor – Christian Bale was having a red carpet, nearby.

Though I am aware what’s happening, I cannot wake up fully to be present. I wanted so much to see him in person but my body refused to get up. No matter.. I did see some Hollywood stars later on.

I remembered when I was in my warrior mate’s home in Germany. I told her that I need 24 hours to recuperate from my many train rides. And she and her fam kept checking upon me because I slept so long, they fear I died.

Anyway, different empath deal with it differently. As I grew older, I won’t travel just for mere curiosity. It needed a bigger WHY.

Thus my pace wasn’t as fast as most explorers. I knew I can cover the world in 2 years. I even got the budget for it. But somehow, life happens, got 2 amazing kids to witness their growth….

And I realised that I never did compete with anyone but me. And so I chose the tortoise pace. Go wherever whenever intuitively guided.

For other empaths, I recommended meditate within and seek answers from yourself. Follow your own path and pace. We often compete with ourselves not the world. So listen with heart and give what is needed.

I love traveling solo. Because I am free to be. If I travel with my family, friends or kids, I cannot truly be nor focus fully on me but on them. And I take my responsibility seriously.

But for anyone who chose to travel solo, always ensure security is implemented. Though I’ve galivanted through India and many other countries, solo, whereby crime rates can be more than Singapore (where I often live) , I often ensure there is security.

We cannot take safety for granted. As a woman, it’s my responsibility. For I chose to love myself in all circumstances and do my best to keep me safe.

Either through travel agencies who provided a few men (driver, guide, bodyguard etc. In India, I did not have to pay extra for them, they wanted me to have these men. I just give them tips if I want. They are like my big brothers) to travel with me, local friends and families I’ve befriended or whatever, as long as security is implemented.

Though I trust God to have my back always, I ensure I take actions (do my best) to ensure I’m often safe in my travels and then I surrender. I was taught to tie my camel first before letting God take over (Arabic proverb).

If you don’t care for yourself, at least care for the peeps you leave behind. For me, they are my sons. If I’m gone, I cannot imagined anyone willing to take care of them.

And so the strength from within ensures I stay safe always and take steps to ensure that (automode).

I’m thankful, everywhere I’ve gone to, peeps are truly amazing and they welcomed me in their lives. Just a glimpse being in their lives, is enough to confirm that we, humans are all connected in an intricate web of love.

To the many kind strangers i have met through out my travels…

Thank you. I may not be able to repay your every kindness, but I pray that Allah will reward you more than you can ever imagined for taking care of this wanderer.

May Allah bless us and our loved ones and provide solutions for every challenges faced.

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