A world of wimps, cowards and trolls…

1 question birth many…

Who is the hero of your life story? Are you still waiting to be rescued? Why can’t you be the hero?

In this world of superficial glorifying fame seeking facades… We faced many faceless, nameless enemies in our everyday.

May birth from envy, jealousy, … Some peeps emo are so out proportioned that they use whatever they can with intention to belittle us. These so called frenemies, familymies, 2 faced, spies… May also come from our own blankets and homes.

Toxic peeps in your circle, loved ones, family, bloodline and such…..

Outside these..
Nameless trolls, assumed strangers (can be someone we knew but chose anonymity) with toxic comments and bullying others are cowards. Hiding behind their safe sanctuaries throwing knives at others.

Hurting others because they have been hurt. Their actions only portray their reckless wounds. Whatever they hurl into the world is just mirroring their pathetic lives back to others who don’t even want to know or care.

Actually all these peeps wanted to be seen, heard and matter. And they grabbed whatever chance they got. To be taken seriously. Or at least the illusion of it.

Not easy when your hard, dedicated passionate work is being criticised. Or you or your loved ones are being abused in words. But easy to draw the line, if you can muster some courage.

No need to even mingle nor connect. The more we react, is just adding fuel to fire.

I used to hate confrontations. I avoid them by all means.

My friends tried all ways to make me react. Even called me names I hate like – bitch in my face. I hate degraded animal names like these to label humans even in jokes. I avoid them. But I don’t react, I just stay silent.

You may wonder why I stay with that kind of friends for years, back then. I believed in my naivety that the world can change for the better, if I continue showering them with kindness.

Like water. No matter how hard a stone is, many years of water immersion, can actually change them.

But alas, I was also a coward. I fear I lose these friendships worth years if I speak up or leave them. And so I withstand for years. Hoping they change one day. But the day never came. They only ended up hurting me with their gossips and abuses. Even my loved ones.

I did not stand up for myself. But at least, I have the courage to show them the exit when my loved ones are involved. This dragged on for years.

After giving birth to my sons, something changed within. I often walk away whenever it gets ugly. Leaving after giving ample opportunities is my way to say – I’m not OK with this.

But after 2 births, I cannot just do that. I feel the need to stand up, physically, emo, mental and spiritually.

I slowly learn to stand up for myself in all the 4 aspects. I start with the bullies in my families, friends and working places. I also learn to stand up for topics that matters.

Later on, I learnt to warrior up, full mode. I leave strangers in social circles and events without justification, whenever toxic. Not fearing embarrassing others or ashamed of my actions. But hoping they understood their unkind acts should be ashamed and never tolerated.

I express and voice out my truths. I stand for what is right. I hate peeps being bullied or abused. I stand with them and teach them to stand up for themselves whenever I can.

I say whatever I feel is right. I stand up and protect myself and loved ones whenever needed. If not, I watched them warrior up. It’s not easy, but like a proud parent, when they eventually warrior up, I glowed with pride of their successes.

If I don’t, then how will I ever be able to stand behind my sons? How do I teach my kids to be warriors if I’m not a Warrior myself?

Being a single mom, I cannot wait for a man, for the right circumstances, for this and that… To come and rescue me. I have to do it myself.

Years I have waited for the “right ballsy peeps to show up” – father, the mother, the brother, the BFF, the sweetheart, the spouse, the future… whatever to help me. None came. All glued onto their own predicaments. So I take matters in my own hands.

Yes, sometimes boys and men are “afraid” of me. They said I carry/project the masculine vibes so well, it’s scary. Like an armour or just another “sword” so others won’t even have the courage to face me with their frivolous nonsense.

Many times, I had to lead a group of matured men who had accomplished careers, travels, wealth, businesses, life more than I ever can imagined achieving… It was challenging because they never actually believed I am worthy. But I was selected and appointed. Was surprised but I accepted.

Some even thought I was from the “strawberry gen” (millenials). Because I looked young. I looked like I knew nothing. They thought I have no life experiences, no war or battle scars. But I embrace these as compliments. To be called my sons’ gen, truly thrilled!

And I just be my truth regardless what they think of me. I just focus on task in hand. I just be the leader I was trained to be. As honest and with integrity as I can with the success vision in heart. I stand in poise as I was supposed to be, confident, unwavered no matter what others think of me…and lead.

And eventually they follow my lead. And even ask me for consultations, after the end of my successful project leadership.

We each have choices. Who you choose to let into your life affects you and your loved ones. So choose wisely. 1 drop of poison can surely affect a jar of milk. So does toxicity in peeps.

If you have been bullied all your life, when will you ever warrior up? What are you waiting for? Who are you waiting for? No one can rescue you fully. You have to do it yourself.

Even when I enrolled in warrior camps, the peeps there are not wimps. We are already warriors in our own lives before we participate.

So start warrior up. Take 1 step at a time. It’s scary, so what? Feel the fear and do it anyway.

And watch your life transformed after you take the first step.

Oh, the nameless trolls, don’t waste your time and energy on the anonymous wimps.

Warriors have no time for wimps/cowards. We only face off with peeps who dare to show their faces to us (why bother with cowards who cannot even show up in their own skin, and name, and stand in their so called “truth” to face us? If u trolls, don’t even have the balls, why even bother, coming up with the unkind words… )

(I blatantly have no regards for those who spread lies or gossips or words that hurt others in the safety of their own cowardice anonymity, no matter who/what you are regardless of how much you have accomplished in wealth, fame or whatever egotesticle means….

Life is already challenging why create unnecessary trouble? 1 ripple of worthless action/lies spread/done can ripple out so much negativity in the world and back to us).

So be responsible and be aware of what you are being and spreading – legacies or series of unfortunate events.

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