Spiritual wanderer and explorer

Sometimes, I woke up with the weirdest dreams and that nudge me to write the weirdest blog posts.

Today is such day. It wasn’t a typical rom-com dream where damsels were rescued. It felt I was there with the guys on an exhilarating travel on solo motorbike adventure.

I had fun in completing the missions. One of the male friend, I recognised was Mr Chrysanthemum.

Anyway today post is…

Spiritual wanderer

I’ve been wandering for ages…physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I love being an observer and outsider. As an Intuitive empath, sometimes the information, a person carries can be too overwhelming. A step back and seeing everything like a TV show for mass (not personal drama) , helps a lot.

That’s why, I love meeting another likeminded wise soul. They know what they want to seek and ask me precise questions in their sessions with me. Not only that, their soul awakenings and paths allow me to travel with them and chanced upon beautiful unexpected miracles.

I don’t like chitchats. I got bored in shallow attempts of conversing and communicating. Even fake intellectual, ego immersion, awe “inspiring* mass speech.

When peeps meet, for Empaths, we already downloaded/read info about these strangers just metres away from us. Thus nothing will invoke my curiosity unless they decided to have a spiritual, life awareness communication with me.

What turns me off? Hypocrisy, ego mattered delusions and immaturity.

Empaths are super sensitive. Thus they go through life, more vulnerable than most. Life itself is beyond any suspense thriller TV series put together.

So forgive me, if what comes out of your mouth don’t matter to me, felt like many thousand yawns.

Death ripped many layers of delusions and illusions. After mom’s passing, 4 years back, I see the world for what it is. Intermingling it’s meaning through my own perspectives and beliefs.

I no longer bounced around in my colorful bubble of positivity, sugar coating or paint them over as much to deco the world according to my version of joy. I just let it be.

For the first time, if ever we meet, you will see me as a human that has her skin ripped off, bleeding all over (in a gory sense), but if you can surpassed all that and suspend your judgement for a little bit longer, you noticed, I have a melty caramel flowing within me that can make you feel, all cosy and safe. Seconds with me, will allow you to give up your most delish secrets and smiling, feeling lighter and happier. (perhaps, describing any empaths chanced encounter in general).

OK, back to being a spontaneous wanderer. The world is my school. Traveling spontaneoulsy is like being on an accelerated transformational program or immersive educational program of Masters and such.

From my years of experience, one can be totally swirled by the tornado swiftness of gargantuan amount of information of the world especially in spiritual new agey present.

GroundedNess is a must or else, everything can turn your world upside down, tipsy turvy and everything you chanced upon can often be a cult in the making. I know because I’ve been there.

For me, Islam has been a concrete foundation. It’s been a blessing. Sometimes, in a world of discovery and curiosity where everything is possible and a God-like power (illusions of it) may come upon us, if we are not grounded or have a concrete set of healthy beliefs, we may be swayed by our own ego and be destructed by it.

Im a wanderer. I seldom stay long enough to be a concrete believer and belonging to 1 group. Even in spiritual groups. I come and go and take what feels right to serve my own and the world (viceversa).

And my colorful perspectives cannot be understood by the norm.

Grounded-Ness is key. Next is balance. Third, taking nothing as personal is an attitude, I can recommend. These are the points I can highlight to be a good spiritual wanderer.

What I wanted to say is that, in the path of seeking especially knowledge, sometimes someone or a certain group may be illusioned to be better than us, and elevated onto a pedestal…

Remember, if we are breathing, we are always learning. Thus the roles of teachers and students are always interchanging.

No one is above us or superior to us, no matter how much they have in their banks or successes and accolades exaggerated on media. So never treat anyone like God.

God, our Creator is beyond our understanding. Leave that label alone. And never linked them to mere men, or women, or things we created ourselves, no matter what power or prowess they seemed to have. All are illusions.

If we give our powers away to “illusioned Gods”, we lose our right to see the whole perspective as what it should be.

Just be mindful and aware. Everything on our path is for our greater good. Do what feels right. Seek positivity and blessings in everything. Love much. Balance is key to everything.

Sometimes my blog post is not forthright because it needs to be marinated and understood only by those who reflect and ponder wisely and deeply on life. Or when the time, is ripe.

Have fun.

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