Everything is enough if we just become aware…

Everyone wants to change the world into a better place…

For themselves and others. (you can kid yourself that you don’t care about the world /yourself but everything we do is often to make our life better thru our perspectives)

What if the world is perfect as it is?

What if it’s already beautiful in its own messy way?

What if the only thing we can change the world into a better one is just, by changing our lenses (perspectives/how we see the world)?

How about we start by finding something good to be grateful for, everyday?

(Not easy when we are used to complain about stuff daily. But it’s possible. Perhaps, we feel – Nothing is ever enough. Once 1 issue is solved, we tend to find another thing to be dissatisfied about. Thus the constant dissatisfaction blinded us of our current life goodness.)

To begin seeing life in a different light.. Find a list of 10 gratitude to begin with. Or just one. And increase them daily.

See what happens. Watch the miracles grow in your lives.

Eventually, we may find there is nothing to change or make anything better.

Just daily immersion of gratitude is enough.

(You can do the same for peeps you have challenges with. Also this works well when you are at your lowest lows. You tried changing but nothing seems to work. Then stop. Let it go. Perhaps we are illusioned in wanting to change something or someone. The need of control or any semblance of it. And remember whatever outcome you wished, it’s possible…when you have taken action and done enough, let go to the Higher Power. )

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