Distance healing can be exhausting for Empaths healers..

… Like me. Do take care and replenish your energy often for yourself.

I’ve learnt about distance healing and chi ball energy sending by programming to anyone around the world. At first it was a bit woowoo. Energy learning is a science in itself. And I’ve experimented mostly with myself for years before I actually thought about healing others.

To me, healing others (strangers, public, mass etc) is huge responsibility. And I feared I was not good enough.

For years, I carried around a huge burden and mystery entangled into one. Feeling there was something wrong within that needs to be solved, healed or even rectified. I felt parts of me, either got mixed up, wounded or lost, which needed to be put all back together as one and new.

I’ve faced all kinds of teachers, healers, problem solvers in forms of coaches, therapists, psychic, shrink, pious peeps, teachers, medicine peeps and more. I thought someone, somewhere has the magic wand that can make everything magically alright again.

But of course, every person I see/meet, we interchange between being teacher and student, healer and client… And we can only help to certain degree we have helped ourselves.

Eventually, I decided to learn the healing arts myself not just for my own sake but my future gen as well.

Its first motivation was to understand me and what’s happening within and without.

As I do that and uncovered the most amazing journey…I shared whatever I’ve learnt to my children. In hope, they need not seek the outside world to solve own issues. But always look within for solutions already present.

Anyway, distance healing aka remote healing is healing towards peeps who lived far away from the healer. At first, I cannot comprehend nor understood its endless possibilities. But then again, do anything make sense to us all?

The electricity that runs invisibly making it so much convenient for us just to turn on our lights and power with a touch of a button. Do we need to know it’s mechanism to turn on the lights? No.

What about our WiFi and phone calls? Do we need to grasp the mechanism of our calls to truly appreciate them? We don’t truly care. Just happy that we can call our loved ones, continents away.

The same for energy. At first, for the curious me, it was fascinating. But main thing is that it works. It’s efficiency is what won me over.

My issues has always been the unseen wounds. The internal pain and struggle of my past kept troubling me. My heart and all that it triggers.

I started with the understanding of the mind. I’ve long been fascinated with people. Throngs of peeps used to come to me with their internal battles, doubts and secrets. I’ve learnt that I helped others feel better after each conversation, though I did not understand how or why… Like a secret gift I was blessed with.

So later, minor in psychology in Uni helps me to understand further. And many more years of self help seminars, books, programs, camps and workshops around the world helped me even further and open the world of energy healing widely and abundantly.

So I learnt that thoughts are powerful. So are intentions sent to ourselves or others. And then, power of visualisations to heal and manifest and many more. The more things I’ve learnt, the less I actually knew.

Later a doctor, a chiropractor from USA taught me that all these I’ve learnt are super real. In fact he has a whole system I can learn and apply into myself and others. Aside from the many healing tools I’ve learnt, trained and even got certified with….emotion Code, Body Code are one of the systems I’m happy to use without any clash from my religion.

So distance healing was needed to be used in my training towards gaining certifications not just people but animals as well. When their results speak boldly about its success, I felt more intrigued to pursue it further and learn more. I no longer care if the world labeled me weird. Or the tools and modalities learnt are more than out of this world woowoo-Ness.

Lucky for me, I’ve also learnt about other entities like Jin, the unseen beings through healing with the Holy Quran in my teens. Thus I’m able to embrace any possibilities as I grew older.

Distance healing for Empaths healers (healers who are sensitive empaths especially) because personally, I do all these a lot because my clients are globally all around the world. And after every session, I felt happy but tired, not just physically, but also emo, mental and spiritually.

Also I need to learn to call back my spirit that has been roaming to my clients to help them heal. It became so fluid that I was able to do it on automode. Sometimes, whenever needed, I can actually split my spirit into many parts to keep track of my sons in various schools in different locations (also government agencies globally also learnt them – remote viewing etc) .

Always remember, after every distance healing, or even remote viewing etc, always call back your whole being.

Just tap on 3rd eye chakra points 3 times and say – I call upon my spirit to reside into my body where it truly belongs.

(Note – I’m not calling upon other spirits or entities, only my own. Im not a medium, I don’t connect or liaise with other entities of the dead. Nor do I engage in pagan or white/black magic/magick. My foundation is my religion, Islam. A monotheism belief of 1 God. And also my belief is that the dead has truly departed into a different realm only known to God. And what was left is Qarin, our twin copy of Jin entity often with us since we were born and they can outlive us. But I do have global clients of various spiritual beliefs and as long as we respect each others’ differences, we can love and help to heal one another).

When we are not fully into our bodies. We are not fully present and at home with ourselves. And we can be restless and exhausted with energy leaking here and there. We can also be vulnerable physically, mental, emo, and spiritually. And may fall ill if we don’t rectify them fast.

Thus healers must always be aware and sensitive to their beings. And if they do a lot of distance healing, always ensure, you are fully rested (water and oxygen I take is crucial too) grounded and call parts of selves to come home.

Also it’s important to disconnect from clients we have healed thru distance. Because if not, we may take their baggages as our own.

Distance healing is truly exhausting. That’s why, sometimes they can be costly.

Dear empaths healers, self love is a big step into your own solutions and healing. Do love and Cherish you. The world needs you. (Sometimes even blogging and preaching/speaking about matters that means a lot to me – is exhausting because if you are an empath like me, I do my best to do everything with my heart and soul.:))

Note: I believed we each are blessed to have healing abilities and that our bodies can auto heal themselves. My role is to facilitate that.

I believed that The Creator is the Ultimate Healer because without His will and permission, nothing is possible.

Disclaimer:All info provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please contact your professional healthcare provider before attempting any info provided in all my media and suggestions shared.

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