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Garuda Padang cuisine (Ramadhan package)

Garuda Padang cuisine (HALAL-certified)2 branches: 1)15 Cairnhill Road, #02-01,Cairnhill Place Singapore 229650Tel: 67354111 *Fax: 2)VivoCity,1 Harbourfront Walk #B2-28Singapore 098585*Tel: 63769595 * Fax: great ambience..(have your meetings here!) Bismillah.. The most powerful dish is RENDANG. YUMMY! The search for replacement of 201D tampines rendang is over…Yummilicious! Gulai kikil is urat (chewy soft-like tendon in

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Rumah Minang (revisited)

Babat masak lemak (tripe in coconut gravy).Preferably if much,much softer.Kinda miss the 201D tampines soft succulent-melt-in-your-mouth babat..tsk..tsk..Rendang (I love the colour! Preferably if its much , much softer)Grilled chicken (a bit spicy)YUM!YUM!Grilled chicken in cilipadi lemak gravy (similar to sabar menanti but gravy different taste, Sabar menanti’s gravy is yummier lemak, this one is more

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Sabar Menanti

Sabar Menanti 52 Kandahar Street Opening Hours : 10am – 6pm Closed on Sunday (opening hours are not applicable on ramadan month) This is one of the many “nasi padang” shop in Arab street area. This shop actually serves authentic “minangkabau” dishes. The name is “sabar menanti” (wait patiently). When i first heard of the

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