Rumah Minang (revisited)

Babat masak lemak (tripe in coconut gravy).Preferably if much,much softer.Kinda miss the 201D tampines soft succulent-melt-in-your-mouth babat..tsk..tsk..

Rendang (I love the colour! Preferably if its much , much softer)

Grilled chicken (a bit spicy)YUM!YUM!

Grilled chicken in cilipadi lemak gravy (similar to sabar menanti but gravy different taste, Sabar menanti’s gravy is yummier lemak, this one is more tangier mild spicy)

sambal sotong (fortune center’s sambal sotong is still the BEST!)

Sambal belacan (not so spicy)

This is one of my favourite nasi padang stall (opposite Sultan mosque). They are normally open 7am-7pm (Mon-Sun) , maybe extended on ramadan month.
Aside from their POWERFUL tahu goreng (beancurd covered in spicy peanuts gravy), they do have some great nasi padang dishes!

From their name “Rumah Minang”, I think their food maybe Minangkabau concept too. But its more overpowering than Sabar menanti (could be due to adaptation of local taste)

fyi-recent comments on nasi padang is not that great , it could be that my tongue has been “doctored” due to many strong overpowering spicilious yummilicious Malaysian food..need some weeks to tone down…back to normal. Or could have been Ramadan month and the cooks cannot taste so, pardon them for that…

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