Sabar Menanti

Sabar Menanti
52 Kandahar Street
Opening Hours : 10am – 6pm Closed on Sunday
(opening hours are not applicable on ramadan month)

This is one of the many “nasi padang” shop in Arab street area. This shop actually serves authentic “minangkabau” dishes. The name is “sabar menanti” (wait patiently). When i first heard of the name, I thought, do I have to wait long to get my food, Is it so popular…or it meant to savour great food, u got to eat it patiently..well, I still have no answer but they have some great dishes.

ayam bakar /grilled chicken (in coconut)

reddish succulent rendang (not so overpowering)

sambal goreng pengantin (mixture of lungs,liver, meat cooked- found normally in weddingS)Have tasted better in geylang serai market (ramadan mth)
Overall, not bad, I like the grilled chiken best! Maybe minangkabau food is a bit different than typical local spicylicious nasi padang.

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