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Wow! Without realising, it has been 2 weeks of Syawal already? How was your Eid? I bet it must have been awesome..with lots of visiting, hugs and love and lots of yummilicious food and pastries. I had my share of indulgence too.

Anyway, my “Eid” vibes have slowed down and lately I have been feeding myself sinfully with loads of lontong this one whole week. It’s been ages since I ate a very sinful and luscious “lontong”. The last time I had it was either at Haji Johan stall at the old Tekka market (now no longer around) or at Sri West Coast Nasi Ambeng.

Well, this whole year, I have been receiving endless queries about Sri West Coast Nasi Ambeng. There seems to be a large group of “fans” wanting to know their updates and where they have “MIA” to.I was informed that they were not able to set up a stall during the Ramadan Bazaar. And so…it was a surprise when they pop up in the facebook and announced the arrival of their new stall at a new location on 22.9.10. What a PLEASANT surprise!! Woohoo!

Since Nasi Ambeng are only sold on weekends
, I was there on their FIRST weekend… (yipee!!). Upon arriving at this new coffeeshop (everything looks new, clean and spacious), I saw the stall almost immediately. There were bouquets of flowers and congratulatory banners at its side.

Hmm, I reached about 8am (I think) and there was not many customers yet… And boy am I glad I came early..cos halfway during my meals, I suddenly see throngs of customers ordering in bulks (average about 10 packets) of nasi ambeng…

Ok, what shall I order? The glass displays of dishes are not full yet as they were busy cooking up a storm at the kitchen. I ordered lontong and 2 nasi ambeng and a plate of fresh slices of squid drenched in chilli…

There are 2 versions of Nasi Ambeng. u can opt for the chicken or rendang (endless hours of meat braised in rich indonesian spices) . In haste, I had forgotten to check out whether it is beef rendang or mutton. But using my senses (unless it is still hybernating) , I believe it is beef rendang.That is the only difference.

As I check out the ingredients in the set..There are also pickled cucumbers (acar), tender lungs fried in sweet chilli (paru), (fried long beans with tofu and tempeh(sambal goreng),fried potato cutlet (begedil),chicken/beef rendang and dessicated fried coconut (serunding). They have increased the price to $5.

The food looked so good! I cannot wait to try them. I felt my saliva bucket was overflowing…

Tip/trick of eating Nasi Ambeng-Use your bare right hand!

First stop is the lontong. As I savour spoonfuls after spoonfuls of lontong gravy. I realised..hey!It ain’t that HEAVY as it used to be. Still creamy and savoury but not as sinfully yummy as my previous attempt (I think 1-2 years ago). I add more “serunding” (dessicated coconut from my nasi ambeng) and it tasted even BETTER! Cos the savouryness and sweetness of the dessicated coconut,kinda bind them all..same for the Nasi Ambeng. The seruding is one of the key ingredient!

Second was the beef rendang Nasi Ambeng. The fried chilli lungs was tender, the pickled vegetables are slightlys ourish and crunchy, the begedil was scrumptious, the rendang…ooh..very tender, tasty and yummy! Mixed them all up with the serunding ..and WA-LA! Powerful combination that sets the tongue wagging for more! For me personally, I add spoonfuls of lontong gravy that extra kick! ( I am more of a “kuah/gravy person)

Third was the tenderlicious chicken in the nasi ambeng set.Not bad!

The whole set was complimenting one another so much so that I do not know what is the star ingredient.

And the squid was fresh and tender! I love the freshness of the whole dish even the chilies…tasted fresh!

Verdict: Definitely thumbs ups! I love their meaty rendang Nasi Ambeng! They definetely show me why Singaporeans love their Nasi Ambeng for 20 years!! I believe their Nasi Ambeng is concoct to local tastebuds -it took loads of years experimenting and expertise to be able to do a good combination of flavours and dishes of local’s favourites and harmonises them as one. Well-done!

This further encourage me to take that one month backpacking experience (I’ve been thinking about) to Indonesia. I need to understand the history and taste the authenticity of all these yummy Indonesian food. hmm…insya-Allah soon.

Before I left, the stall was buzzed with so much activity. I saw many helpers working seamlessly with one another to serve the endless customers. Phew! luckily, I was early….and I bought some packets back for all the “makciks and pakciks in da house” (aunties and uncles) awaiting my arrival..I felt kinda like Santa Claus,suddenly.. *chuckles

Take Note:Nasi Ambeng are only sold on weekends.

Sri West Coast Nasi Ambeng
Blk 346 Jurong East st 31
(opp Albirex Nigata Stadium)

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