Women who carry detachable balls….

Sometimes when clients meet me, I can sense either their inner masculine, feminine or child crying out for help. Why?

They had been shut off for decades by the Clients. My role is to free them so they can lead lives in a more balanced, healthier, happier way.

Especially in this millennial… Women are striving to make their voices heard. Some do not have the support of their families especially their closed males. And so they do whatever it takes to fulfil their dreams, their rights or whatever they feel worthy of.

And to do so, sometimes they have to wear some form of masculine masks and facades all the time.

Everyone of us have these masculine and feminine traits. How we balanced them is up to us.

Masculinity is about do, do, do. Feminine is more on be, be, be. So as women who are more masculine…we need to learn to balanced it out (i am one.Single parents are normally adoptive of one or the other).

Or else we may exhaust ourselves. They used to kid with me, the men, the boys… that, I carry with me a detachable set of balls.

Any male who tried to play ego games with me are often crushed before they even enter the game.

I didn’t realised that, but that was what I learnt growing up. To hang with the boys, I have to act tough. And so it’s on automode whenever I’m with them.

And as a single mom, I don’t have a Prince Charming or any male families to support me or hold my back. Thus I need to be independent for me and my kids. If I cannot stand my ground, I get bullied easily. I cannot allow anyone (men or women) to bully me. I’ve been bullied and I know what’s it like.

And also cos I need to show my kids that I can protect and defend them. And as a role model, I want them to learn to stand up for themselves and their loved ones, as well.

(In warrior camps, we each have a Warrior face and stance whereby to ward off any undesirables. I remembered my male friends were afraid of mine. Lol. It’s easy to be warrior- like, when we know who we are protecting).

Anyway, when we are off balanced with our masculinity and feminity that we fall ill, the fastest way to seek solution, is to reflect back how we shut off and denied the other traits from resurfacing.

Meditate, ponder, reflect and even ask within what is needed to heal fully. Take time off to be with the other that we denied or ashamed off.

There may be past events that caused us to shut them off. Be brave and acknowledge them. Applaud them if u can. (congrats, Lina for being courageous all these decades for your kids!!!)

When I was younger, I don’t feel safe with boys and men. Because there were events that caused them to betray me and my trust. So to restart trusting them means to first trust myself.

And so it’s not easy for me to be my feminine self with men. I’m always wearing my invisible armour. I’m cladded with masculinity that men wasn’t attracted to me. But all that changed, as I learn and unlearn.

Now I can adapt both masculine and feminine traits accordingly. I don’t have to try so hard and keep wearing my armour. And I’m much happier and healthier being my true self. Not because of fear but because of love.

If we carry ourselves with love rather than fear of the world, we are in a peaceful mode. But if not, we are in a flight or fight mechanism/automode which can be stressful for our whole beings. And we may also attract many more nonpositive events due to our vibes.

So choose, fear or love?
Have fun navigating your life, warriors.

I love you.

I see you.

We each matter.


P. S: as for the kid in all of us, sometimes we need to have a chat with them. Because as adults, we forgot our truths but our kid-selves will remind us. In life, sometimes we betray ourselves and our kid-selves/inner child will feel all sorts, throwing tantrum within and more. It’s good to reconcile with them. We become happier.

Don’t forget to always read my disclaimers before attempting what was suggested 🙂

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