Top questions to ask self before any healing session…

Crucial questions to ask before healing sessions:

  1. Do i have the will to live or the will to die?
  2. Am i worthy of living?
  3. Am i worthy of healing fully?
  4. Are there anything or anyone for me to forgive now? (Including self)
  5. Do i have -resentment -hatred -anger -bitterness -shame 
  6. Do i have self love?how much percentage?
  7. Why is my body reacting this way?(if autoimmune issues, why is my body betraying me now)
  8. How can i solve this?
  9. Do i have heart wall ?
  10. Are my chakras happy?
  11. Do i have enough daily oxygen intake?why not?
  12. Do i have enough daily water intake?why not?
  13. Do i have enough sleep? Why not?
  14. Am i being seen,heard, matter and loved? If no, troubleshoot one by one.
  15. Do i have any childhood/ adulthood trauma?

If pain/issue focus only on certain body parts… (Every issue needs their 5 seconds of fame). Ask these:

  1. What’s the size, colour, feel, hot/cold, rough/smooth, liquid/solid, and more. Ask do i need to know more?
  2. What is the message?

If we ever have autoimmune dis-eases…One of the most powerful way we can start healing ourselves is to face the truth with questions. We can “converse” with our bodies thru kinesiology.

Our bodies are designed to help us heal automatically but if they start betraying us, then we need to know why.

Meditate and ask why, why, why until you find the cause, root of the issue. May also need to be 100% truthful with self and peel layers of yourselves to get to the core. May take days or weeks. Depending on how deep u need to be.

For sensitive and empaths (some of us are more sensitive than others. We are like sponges and can be super absorbent. Whatever affects the world can affect us fast)

1 Are you an empath? (do u feel anxious in crowds? Or end up tired after being in mass events)

2 How sensitive are you?(percentage)

3 Do you have healthy boundaries? (can u say no to your loved ones n stand ur ground 2 what matters?)

4 Do you absorp peeps n surroundings energies?

5 Do u know how to shield or be grounded?

6 Do u give urself ample outside time and space to heal? (take time to be in nature for urself).

All can be done using muscle testing if the answers are yes or no. But if in-depth, ask the questions before sleeping  or during meditation…

Answers seek may not come immediately but may come through daily events, dreams, daily conversations, movies and more…also do your own research about anything u have doubts about.

Always include our Creator in all questions, asking the Almighty to guide with much love, help make the answer be clear and understood by you.. always start with a humble prayer/supplications to the Almighty

I can help my clients with all these but this may consume much more time than diy.

Once u know why, the solutions can be easier.


Note: I’m not a medium or fortune teller. I’m an energy healing professional -just a tool who wanders and gathers info about healing and shares. 

I believed we each are blessed to have healing abilities and that our bodies can auto heal themselves. My role is to facilitate that. 

I believed that The Creator is the Ultimate Healer because with His will and permission, everything is possible. 

Everything that is good comes from the Almighty. Everything that is not good comes from me. Do open your heart to forgive me fully.

Lastly trust, believe and have faith . Do your best and surrender the rest to the Creator. 

You are definitely worthy to be alive, healthy and happy. 

We all do. 

Our existence matters.

Believe it or not, we each play a crucial role in this world with our existence.

Disclaimer:All info provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please contact your professional healthcare provider before attempting any information provided in all my media and suggestions shared.

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