Headaches, what are they?

After giving birth, I had many headaches. Sometimes it’s so unbearable that it felt as if someone took a pneumatic driller and drill my head.

Often before, during or after moon time, it happened frequently to me. I realised later on, many women faced them. Some in SG, Malay community – the killer headaches are called “sakit kepala boyan” (I don’t know why they called that).

Some of my remedies before I took up energy healing was to spread as much axe brand universal oil on my head. It’s cooling and the smell is nice. It’s ingredients have camphor, menthol and more. I’ve grown used to smelling the elders around me using them.

Normally it works. But when traveling, I attribute that to me being dehydrated. I used Tiger balm for quick solution.

But what is the long term solution? To be healthier of course. Eat well, hydrate, aware of oxygen intake and exercise.

When I was fit and healthy, I seldom get any headaches nor flu. Sometimes I won’t get it for years just to have it crept upon me once and having me in tears.

Anyway, this headache troubled me for decades.

Sometimes, I learnt in Chinese medicine, it’s relating to the 6 evils: wind, cold, dampness, heat, summer heat and dryness. That’s why after every pregnancy, women must take great care of themselves.

In Chinese culture, I was taught that the Chinese women have to be clad in warm clothes head to toe and even with thick wooly socks. Not allowed to go out at all for 40 days. All these is to prevent any extra wind and all those 5 evils to enter. And some say they are not allowed to touch water or take a bath.

My mom was my carer after I gave birth. I did bathe daily but she will ensure I got my daily Indonesian massage (she was a certified masseuse).

And daily feed of healthy fish soups and herbal drinks including the indonesian Jamu (herbal powders including natural things we have in our kitchens like turmeric etc) .. To keep me warm from within to out.

I wasn’t allowed to go out for a month but I did 1 time, to make passport for my baby.

Anyway, I learnt later at this age, all those was necessary to keep our womanly bodies in good health. I recognised it was much a hassle for modern women. I’ve heard some rebelled and went out right after their birth.

A word of advice – The thing is, we may not feel it when we are young. But later in age, the woes start showing itself. So listen to your mom or elders, who had gone thru it, they knew best.

Back to headaches… In science it was said to be the nerves. Anyway knowing the cause, how do we solve it?

So i share with you what I’ve learnt in body code.

I’ve learnt what works for me is to identify thru body code app (Dr. Bradley Nelson) what is unhappy? Answer-my autonomic nervous system – a mostly subconscious body system that affects heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate and many more.

I need to identify further and go deeper and there are 3 under autonomic :-parasympathetic NS, sympathetic NS and enteric NS (NS=nervous system) .

I asked each one, who is unhappy amongst them? And 2 were. Parasympathetic and enteric.

It sounds complicated but it’s not. Often if imbalanced normally there are hidden trapped emotions. And so I released them one by one by sliding down my finger onto my forehead upwards towards scalp.

And I asked again whether they are happy now. And often they are and my headache is gone.

Why this happened? I’m a thinker. Being a solo mom, I think a lot about everything especially concerning my kids.

Sometimes I auto played some sombre memories that I still have leftover emotions with. And sometimes current stress of situations may also affect me the same. And sometimes the idea of being helpless and hopeless also creates such.

Whatever it is, be aware. It’s easier to solve when we are aware and present to the now.

There are many healing modalities in the world. Choose what works best for you. It’s never too late to learn.

Even at my age of 46, there are still many things I do not know and I’m still learning and unlearning. I also learnt cupping and got my own cups to diy my kids and I. Sometimes my kids and I got too engrossed in our daily events that we forgot to eat and wind entered.

Excess Wind may refused to exit and cause havoc in our systems. (Sometimes we are too shy to just fart in our own homes or public, forcing ourselves to only do it in toilets. By the time we get there, the wind has disappeared/travelled to others parts of body. Accumulation of it can make us sick too)

If it’s related to causes by other entities like jinn, then ayat kursi 3x, or alfateha 7x or 10 ayat Albaqarah :1-5, 255,283-286 or all of the above. Anyone of this works well. Recite on water and drink. Or spit on hand a tiny bit and massage head always and ask the Almighty for help.

If I’m not lazy, and the wind is little, ginger tea can help. If too much, then cupping. If I am superlazy, I just use body code app to identify the cause and release it.

So I hope that whatever I’ve shared, it helps in your own journey of healing and transformation. Have fun, warriors.

Note: I believed we each are blessed to have healing abilities and that our bodies can auto heal themselves. My role is to facilitate that.

I believed that The Creator is the Ultimate Healer because without His will and permission, nothing is possible.

Disclaimer:All info provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please contact your professional healthcare provider before attempting any info provided in all my media and suggestions shared.

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