Holding onto resentment and hatred is like a tying a noose on your own neck…

Resentment n hatred is like tying a noose around our necks. The more we hold onto them, the tighter its grab on us n killing us. To loosen is to forgive.

Imagine chaining ourselves in so many chains n noose. Not easy to live but possible. So start forgiving. Its a gift we give ourselves. Forgiving is not forgetting…its an act of surrendering n letting go.

If i got a client with major issues n imbalances or some got “expiry date” told upon them… Other then asking to muscle test their will to live n die, my next question will be…

Who or what do u hate or resent?

Its one of the fastest method to start healing….

Please don’t believe me or any of my words blindly….just try it n experience it for yourself.

Who r u going to free today from the chains of resentment n hatred?

How about yourself first?

Start by breathing deeply from diaphragm for 1minute.

Do a sway test or muscle testing technique with these questions:

Who or what do I resent?

is it in my body, heart, mind or spirit?

if its in the body, where is it? Head, heart, chest, crotch, intestines and etc…

can i release them?

what does it feel like -the resentment/hatred (color, hot or cold, made of what material, how heavy, rough or smooth, any message to learn/unlearn from this? And more…)

what trapped emotions relate to that? (Use emotion code chart -can google it)

release them by tapping on third eye chakra n let your fingers slide back to release them 3x.

one begin to feel lighter and happier…

u can start with resentment and then hatred and then bitterness, dislike and more. Whatever felt toxic, you can muscle test them whether they lie in our energetic being or not.


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Thank you. #energy #healing is #science yet to be discovered

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