FAQs… About my journey of being an energy healing professional…

1.How did u come out as a healer?
2.Did ur family n friends treat you as weird, and whatever u do as woo-woo? 
3.What about skeptics and those who are religiously against you? 
4.Do you try to heal everyone u meet? 
5.How do u know u r a healer? 
6.Were u tested by any sickness? 
7.How do u promote urself and ur services to the world? 
8.What kind of healing modalities did u learn n use? 

So I took on the most common questions sent to me and answer them…

All these are appropriate at this moment because in Eid, I visit families far and wide and they sometimes impose me some questions pertaining to my work. And no matter how disbelief or skeptics they may be, Asians are nice peeps. They try to respect u n not to embarrass u.

I used to get discomfort in these events for fear, I create scenes that may trouble my family. But as I grew more confident and accepting about myself, the world too grew and more came forward positively to learn.

1. How did u come out as a healer?

I never had an idea that I will one day help facilitate healing to the public world. It’s supposed to be a hush hush private affair of mine. After fame caught me in my work as food and travel blogging, I’ve decided that it was too chaotic for me n left.

As mentioned, I’m an empath and sensitive to my surroundings and the more peeps I knew, the stranger I felt.

Why? Because it’s a full immersion. Strangers often dump their life stories, wounds and secrets upon me. And they telling me is like me watching it all in 5 d -as if I was in their lives experiencing them all. That’s why empaths, healers must have healthy boundaries and discern what r theirs n others realities. Or they may take upon others realities as their own.

And back then, I was naive and close minded until, slowly the mummified me that I closely wrapped myself into, since young (I was a pretender to make myself safe)…start to unravel itself and show my imperfections to the world.

And as much I did my best to hid my truths, all parts of me came out in the open. It was a bloody mess.

I then pursued a different path to help solve myself. I was bleeding thru and thru. And I need to find solutions and face whatever showed up.

Thruout this unchartered path for me, I felt God has always been my faithful companion. I followed intuitively what path was shown to me. And met amazing peeps who had undergone what I’ve been through.

The thing is, what I undergone cannot be categorised in any folder I’ve known. Because it’s a conglomerate of many kinds of imbalances of all parts of me, heart, mind, spirit n body. Some days, I may showed up ungrounded and feeling ill and imbalanced that I had to stay in bed for days.

Some days, I felt chaotic within unable to be at peace with myself and surroundings. And somehow the inner world materialise on the outside because I did not heed them for years. And divorce happened. Not only my inner world was torn apart, my reality including my kids’ worlds were too.

It was a showdown. Some say dark night of soul. And I no longer can pretend nor fake it. Nor can I wrapped n make it all disappear. Everything had gone crumbling down. Like a castle of cards.

I was in turmoil. Angry, sad, desperate to know why. I was a known figure n I was also learning the hifz. Everything went so well n nearing the peak, I fell down to the base. I then went around seeking advices from my religious teachers both male and female but none can answer nor help me.

That was when I went onto a different path out of my norm, out of my comfort zones and peeps and community and I sail alone.

As I learnt to heal myself, more strangers came forward to ask me for my help. Eventually after many requests, I said yes to help peeps in public in Bali in 2016.

It was challenging. I came back a different person with wider perspectives and knowledge but none closest to me, accepted me except my young kids. But it’s OK, because I learnt as I became more confident being my true me, my real tribe will show up and that’s what they did in warrior camps and many more.

Eventually my relations became curious as I got more successful and more invitations from around the world for healing.

As for my loved ones, their curiosity piqued thus I only share what peeps can handle and ask them to do their own research online and books.

Pertaining back to your question, I just come out. I can no longer nor do I want to continue hiding. I’m grateful that peeps around the world comes out and be my teachers. And I wanted to do the same for others, be my true self and shine.

Because my energy vibrates at a different level, I seldom meet skeptics. I also supplicate a lot to the Almighty to allow only the right peeps, to meet me. Because I treasure my energy and time and those who truly want to learn…

Religious skeptics? Maybe there are. But I don’t pay heed to them. I focused on learning more and helping more peeps. Also, I had to do my best to understand my own doing.

Because there are many kinds of healing techniques, some of which may come from various faiths like pagan, Christianity, Buddhist and more…

I have to truly understand my own beliefs and ground myself into them to discern my own and what others taught me. Because Islam is a monotheism religion. We believed in 1 God, 1 Creator. And like Christianity and Jew religions, we may have similar stories but not the same, again I had to discern what was taught to me rather than blindly adopt theirs as my own.

As I looked back, I was beginning to appreciate my Islamic journey because it was truly varied extensive paths in which I wont have chosen for myself…

(for example – I was so afraid of the unseen world of entities and witchcraft that it took me awhile to eventually permit myself to be in the Quranic healing course of entities possessions, black magic and more. I kept asking myself why do I need to learn all these? And hifz? None of my family was one. And my teacher was so strict with me. I hated to be the most “failed” student who garnered many painful and shameful criticisms that I often berate myself – why am I forcing myself to go to classes? Why do I need to suffer to learn? But I forced myself to go, even if I got buckets of scoldings – No idea why, I felt the need to learn and I just follow the nudge ).

Without me knowing all these are just building a concrete grounded foundation for what is to come for me, a world wanderer, energy healer and coach.

OK, I realised I was very long winded to the first question…

2.Did ur family n friends treat you as weird, and whatever u do as woo-woo?

Some did. But my attitude was – so what? I was surrounding myself with leaders who think different and representing 1% of the world’s income. And they taught me lots especially not to pay heed to those who bring me down in a world of negativity and haters.

3.What about skeptics and those who are religiously against you? 

Again refer to the above. Time and energy are precious n priceless. We cannot waste them onto peeps who don’t matter. If you have issues, having mentors and coaches help a lot.

4.Do you try to heal everyone u meet? 

No I don’t. I believed the Almighty will scan and filter the right ones to meet me and so I only answer when asked.

Even relatives and loved ones who have diseases that science and doctors may have given up, I don’t invite myself into their world unless they invited me to. In the beginning, I was too naive and excited to solve all and Ive done that a lot and most had backfired on me. And so I let them all go to the Creator and only focus on those who seek my help, sincerely.

5.How do u know u r a healer? 

Everyone is a healer. When we got cut, our bodies auto heal, right? There u have it, the proof.

But for most who are inclined towards it are those who are truly wounded and open to learn to heal themselves. Often, they showed such expertise as early as children. Strangers tend to gravitate towards them with all kinds of problems and will always leave happier no matter what he/she did. It happened for me.

6.Were u tested by any sickness? 

I believed there were myriad challenges. I felt blessed because they did not all come to me at once but 1 at a time.

For example, I was overweight, preggie with my second child, often stressed out absorping the world within and around me and I was wimpy to fight for my own needs. I then, got sick and had vertigo.

My family was left unattended. Parents lived in Europe, came to help. My eldest was sad he cannot play with me. As I witness them all, I resolute to not let this happen again. This was because I neglected my own needs and focused too much on others. I was only 28 n then I started working on being healthy.

But later, there were more dark nights of soul. Like deaths of loved ones. Growing old, witnessing your peers and loved ones moving onto the next world of hereafter and more.

Each of this dark nights is actually life school of acceleration and transformation. Elevates us to better knowledge and being. I felt I was being taught in fast speed before my communities seek my help. So as healers, we had to face them first before others.

I had to be so open n fluid that I cannot ask why when something happens but ask – how do I solve this? Life is a school for us.

Have an attitude of being a lifelong learner and student… InsyaAllah, we can face anything. Remember the Creator has our backs. And whenever we feel it’s necessary or weak, seek His help. Everything happens with His permission. Ask directly. We are worthy.

7.How do u promote urself and ur services to the world? 

I started as a food and travel blogger. I was already recognised in the social Internet world. Thus it was easy for me to continue doing so thru blogger, WordPress, Instagram, YouTube and podcast. Also I need to know, what type of audience I’m attracting so I can find out theirs and my big why. Every business needs to know this, big or small. And sharpen that niche. We cannot serve everyone FYI.

8.What kind of healing modalities did u learn n use? 

I have learnt myriad healing techniques, some ceremonised, some certified, some through blended learning environment – physical, online and exams from the Hawaiians of both original and modern ho’oponopono, Asians healing from Chinese, Indians ayurvedic and Malays herbal Jamu n concoctions, Chinese reflexology, Arabic cupping, Chinese acupuncture points… And more…

to Quranic healing of physical ailments, depression, pscychological issues in University, entities possessions, witchcraft, black magic spells, haunted locations and homes, fengshui and stale energies to remove, to western of Theta healing, EFT, emotion code, body code, body talk, meditation, infinite love, larry crane, spiritual leaders, pranic and faith healers in Bali, Europe, USA and more.

There were too many to list. I experimented with what was taught to me and when they do not sync well with me and my faiths and beliefs, I let them go. Why?

Why did I spent lots of money to learn from many healers, teachers and facilitators of the world? (it was understood that I was only learning to heal myself not for the world initially).

I was taught that – to be a good person is not to dwell upon the unpleasantness of my own life events and others and to stop asking any questions about it. So I keep a blind eye to many abuses in my childhood be it my own or my closest ones. Some was too traumatic that I blank n black out anything about it.

What was taught to me does not sync well with me. I grew up feeling something needed to be fix within me but unsure what. I kept my restlessness by working and studying most times that I had no spare time to dwell on issues in my head and heart. But my “perfect normal” life started showing its vulnerabilities..

The first Pandora box was opened when after divorced, I went thru a group coaching session. It was costly about 3k. But I felt it was right thing to do. In the course it was not a typical self help improvement course I expected or even resemble a Tony Robbins firewalk thingy… It was beyond.

The name was also a typical named course – The Courage To Create. But once entered, it opened up many levels of human psyche hidden within.

I had many breakthru and all well fenced and gated fearful events I’ve black out started to bleed thru and open itself readily to me. I thought it was the end. It was just the beginning of many more transformations and comfort zone to penetrate thru.

Back to the last questions, to date… I used intuitively whatever I’ve learnt and unlearn around the world. But mainly now, i focused only on Emotion and body code to seek roots and causes and heal them. And basic Quranic healing whenever needed.

Anything that was taught that may calls upon rituals and pagan gods or other gods which is against my religion, I had forsaken them. They don’t sync well with me. And although I’ve learnt that some peeps believed in many lifetimes and I don’t, it all works well eventually.

Because I believed that when 2 person and more comes together to seek solutions for the betterment of them collectively, the higher power is always with them. God =unconditional love. He does not forsake us when needed.

These differences we had accumulated are not supposed to separate nor discriminate us but to bond us further to learn n unlearn from each other in love. I have many clients from varied faiths and cultures and beliefs but we never allow these differences to work against us but together as one.

Back to the many lifetimes, though I don’t believed in them, I respect peeps who believed in them. I believed that our dna collects info from previous gens and transmute itself into our psyche. Thus whatever previous ancestors faced and experienced, we can access these info if we still n silence ourselves, and meditate (of course with God’s will and permission).

I know my answers are all intersecting and confusing for some. It’s not for noobs. But I know my readers are intelligent conscious warriors. And when the time is right n ripe, they will understand them and apply them to their lives.

I wish u the best, Warriors of life. Have fun navigating your life!

Note: I believed we each are blessed to have healing abilities and that our bodies can auto heal themselves. My role is to facilitate that.

I believed that The Creator is the Ultimate Healer because without His will and permission, nothing is possible.

Disclaimer:All info provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please contact your professional healthcare provider before attempting any info provided in all my media and suggestions shared.

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