Heart trampled by the world…

Everyone will go through at least a heartbreak. Broken hearts can be caused by friends, lovers, partners even families and children. Peeps whom we loved very much.

Every healer has a niche. Mine is the heart. Why? The above words are not just musings but truly actual events that happened to me since young.

Eventually I learnt to wrap them all in tight bandages and create heart walls to protect myself from being hurt again.

I’m a sensitive person but I can be the opposite as well. I can be numb and stoic.

Well, I thought heart walls are good for my own protection but it’s actually killing me softly. Like a time bomb waiting to explode in due time.

When i learnt emotion Code from Dr. Bradley Nelson, USA, I learnt to remove my many layers of heart walls.

Though I’m active and fit, sometimes my heart felt easily disturbed by events in the world due to my emphatic nature. And by removing my heart walls, I was able to discern what is mine and what is others. Also I became healthier and happier. And I no longer needed to protect my heart thru walls becos I know how to heal my heart.

Sometimes, even when we eat healthy, exercise daily, our hearts r easily stressed n in pain. So why not learn energy healing? Remove trapped emotions and heart walls. As we learn to love our hearts, we are able to spread more love to others.

For a start, you can diy by reading the book :Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson. Experience for yourself living free from the heart with joy. And if you need guidance, you can connect with me. I’m a Certified Practitioner.

Always read my disclaimers before attempting anything shared in all my media.

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