Simple Airfry chicken recipe

Someone asked for the recipe and I might as well share with you.

I started using this recipe when I was in my teens. My brother and I love chicken so much that we love to experiment simple recipes we can eat fast.

My mom had this toaster where we can make mini pizzas etc but we did the chicken in. It tasted fabulous like Airfry or stir fry. We used it so much that eventually the toaster exploded and was broken (so don’t use toaster but get an Airfry or use oven or stove)

Anyway,… This recipe is best to use on chicken wings with the skins but as my kids are more healthy conscious, we used boneless chicken thighs.

Simple Recipe for airfry chicken
(For my kids to do for themselves cos its their favorites. I travel a lot so my kids can cook for themselves since kids)

  1. Wash boneless chicken thigh with water n vinegar (1kg chicken=1 tablespoon vinegar)
  2. Marinate chicken with oyster sauce. 1kg chicken =2tablespoon oyster sauce (add garlic or and ginger if u like). Our favorite oyster sauce is lee kum kee with halal logo. For some chinese, they add sesame oil in the marination (I didn’t get the recipe from anyone, just a teenage experiments but later in adult life, I saw that Chinese used a lot of oyster sauce in their recipes n they also add sesame oil, n white sesame seeds too just FYI) .
  3. Leave for 30minutes and more
  4. Airfry for 15-20mins at 180 degrees each side
  5. Serve with rice, salad or bread
    (U can also stir-fry , steam, roast, Bbq or fry these. Airfry is healthier n easier to us. Do add salt if not enough saltishness after cooked. Sometimes we add thyme/rosemary or cajun or mala peppercorns or even cheese n parmesan powder just to make it different. N it’s still fabulous. This recipe can be done for other meats as well. Stir fry beef is also good. I know these can be done in microwave too but I don’t really like microwave. So adjust accordingly n have fun experimenting 🙂

Have a delicious day!

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