Deep programming by our daily choices…

Too many Auto suggestions in our daily life, beware. Or be aware.

Just random blasting of thoughts…

I have 2 phones. I seldom used the iphone unless my android is out of batt. So recently I used for Quran recitation while praying.

And somehow due to that, the health section app warned me that my steps are not stable and I may fall in few months, (autosuggestions) if I did not do something about it.

What a shock. I wonder what happens if an elderly use it and receive such warnings and treat it like her/his truth?

Nexf is about words coming out of our mouth. What we shared… Sappy news – “I’ve just heard. So and so has cancer. I dunno why there are so many cancer peeps. It’s like we are all cursed as we gets old. We have to be careful.”

And so from that sharing of words, triggered us to be fearful of the possibility of dis-eases. Even if we are happy and healthy, our minds may play out that message over and over again until we succumb to it and believed it’s our future.

So take note of what we shared. And never assume. It’s best not to say to anyone – “u looked unwell. Are u sick?” Sometimes, peeps believed our random words expressed, as their truth than their own. Just supplicate for them and imagined all are in good health. All these are autosuggestions that only seeded untruth.

Second… recently I adopt a bad habit during moon time. I will browse thru streaming channels and just watch any TV show or movie that I randomly chose.

I used to choose to be unplugged. Not watching any shows especially news. Because it can be brain and heart washing, immersion in sappiness.

As sensitive being, I react even if I pretend that it won’t affect me. The vibes will affect me. The underlying messages will affect me. The whatever programming they chose to instil in the show to infect the mass will somehow affect me. The aesthetics will overwhelmed my senses and affect me.

To heal is to unplug and be present to what showed up that affect me. I felt sorry for the new gen. I used to filter shows and movies for my sons. Now, I taught them to discern on their own. Too much info served in seconds, they can be overloaded and overwhelmed.

What has been seen cannot be unseen thus choosing programs is crucial. New gen has so many apps to distract them. If u are aware, they are often restless to keep still. Their focus is only mere seconds. Their eyes and attentions are swift to change.

The older gen like me, may have issues keeping up. But when we eventually did, we felt lost and exhausted.

In energy healing, in the body app I’ve learnt, there is a section whereby media can programmed like games, music, TV etc onto someone to be toxically imbalanced and the solutions to unprogram them.

Movies and shows are becoming more and more violent. Testing human capabilities of what we can and cannot do or even numb our tolerance in the gore section. Depending on what countries we focused on, sex is like a must meal to feed and digest daily for old and young. These are bites of info I gathered in these few days.

What happens when reality of current happenings like state of the world, wars, battles, diseases, calamities and non positive TV programming combined and immersed deep into our psyche in our everyday experience? For sure, there is some transformation happening within. But are we aware?

How do we react with so much fear showcased?

How about others who used TV as a relaxing therapy, rampant browsing to chillax after a hard day of work? Or a “nanny” to their restless toddlers and tantrum throwing children? How about the caretaking of elderly? Letting TV to distract them and lulled their senses?

How many hours are we plugged in to negativity? Be honest with yourself.

No wonder.. for some of us, our will to live is depleting by the seconds.

Our faith corroded by unfairness and injustice we witness everyday in apps and media that we may adopt or assume to be true for our reality.

Even documentaries have changed to suit mass. Truth or untruth masked. What lies is the perception of creators of programs.

If we allow ourselves and our kids be invisibly programmed by man-made shows then what future does humanity hoped? All surrounds us are doom and more doom.

Hope may just become a fleeting figment of imagination, someday.

Everyday lies a set of choices for all of us. Choose. What do you hope to achieve in your everyday? And what do you allow to be empowered everyday, fear or love?

And whatever we do, or choose to do, don’t do it blindly, be responsible and always ensure balance. Unplug, heal and be better.

At the end of our lives, what maters are the choices we make. Choose wisely and with heart.

As responsible parents and caretakers, don’t allow TV to be our means of distraction from current emotions and existence for ourselves and loved ones. If we are in pain, face it. If we need stimulation, choose positive healthy choices.

Whatever choices we made, consciously or not, the consequences is what we have to face eventually.

Always read my disclaimers before attempting anything suggested in all my media. Thank you.

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