Will to live or will to die? Choose.

Before healing anyone, I often check through muscle testing if my clients have the will to live or will to die, first.

Although these can be changed, sometimes clients already made up their minds to die.

For example, it can be someone being diagnose with life threatening dis-ease and do not wish to burden offsprings with caregiving, medical bills and such.

And if they won’t change their minds, there is nothing anyone can do.

1 incident: An elderly’s spirit in her body is 3% daily n I have to keep “calling” n heal her to come home fully in body.

She was a lively lady who was passionate about life. Until one day she was hospitalised and received a 1 year to live diagnosis from her doctor.

Everyday felt like a long kite game. Its like I will pull the strings gently closer just to find it soaring far away the next day.

Eventually, her higher self informed me that she has made up her mind to die. No one can help.

Her family members tried to persuade her to live but she was adamant. They also suggested getting second doctor and other professional specialists’ diagnosis and opinions, but she refused. They even read her, stories of miracles of survivors and thrivers who overcame their dis-eases to inspire her that anything is possible. But it wasn’t working.

Perhaps the shock she received from the diagnosis became her “death sentence”. Eventually she passed a year and half later.

From my experiences, I’ve witnessed many clients with their miraculous healing in spite of whatever diagnosis given. Some have cancer, needed operations, M.S, stress, depression and many more, who turn their lives around and became healthier, happier and inspiration to their community.

I believe dis-eases are just imbalances informing us to work on parts we may have forgotten or abandon. And all results of today is just years of past programming and habits which can be changed.

(Although I will do my bestest to highlight the benefits of living happy and healthy and discovering new adventures to ignite every soul to live their bestest … As a healer, I have to respect every client’s wishes because only they each know their truth, their existence and purpose. Everything and everyone has free will in their own lives because we are co-creators with the Divine.)

Willpower is a muscle that can be trained just like any other muscle, and it is limitless. You can accomplish anything with it.

Healing needs serious willpower to work through mental, emotional, physical, spiritual blockages, and wounds to be able to access and align with the Higher part of yourself that knows why you have incarnated on earth and the purpose and missions you are here to accomplish.

How to know if you have the will to live or die? Ask yourself and do muscle testing. One method is the sway test. Let your body relax standing up. Ask your self – do I have the will to die? See whether your body moves forward or backward.

If forward, yes, you do have the will to die. To release this, tap at your third eye chakra and say – I release this will to die now.

And then do muscle testing or sway test again. Repeat the whole process until you no longer have the will to die.

If after few attempts, you still have the will to die, then I suggest that you meditate 5 – 20mins and ask deep within self why? What’s the root cause of this? How can I solve this?

Be patient. The answers may come in many forms. Through visions, sounds, words popping up, etc whatever it is, journal it down. If no answer, just surrender to the higher power. They may come days or weeks later.

That’s it.

I believe everyone is a born healer and manifestor. We attract what we are. We heal when we intent. You are a Warrior Healer. Your life is proof.

Life is one big experiment full of lessons to learn or unlearn. Decide, everyday… Stop complaining, stop blaming, stop finding excuses and start taking responsibility for your life. Start creating the best life for yourself. You matter.
Be the Warrior Healer you were born to be – linamasrina.com. Stop waiting for permission to be you. Stop seeking happiness in others. Be happy, NOW.

Lina Masrina is a former food and travel blogger who has appeared on local and international TV, radio, magazines etc. She is now a global healing coach and teacher.

Disclaimer:All info provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please contact ur professional healthcare provider before attempting any suggestions shared

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