Supernatural and healings…

I don’t normally share supernatural or ghosts stories. In fact, I don’t like to watch horror movies.

This was not easy to share but I felt the need to do so.

The words are a bit unruly and unorganised. So bear with me. Read with your heart. Thank you.

One of my first professional healing course I undertake and later organised was Quranic healing workshops and seminars in 1988/89 onwards. I was taught ways to protect myself, defend my loved ones from non positive energies, imbalances of self programming and from self (nonpositive thoughts and emotions like envy, jealousy – penyakit ain etc) and people (including art of protection from witchcraft and more ) and entities (aka jinn) from various teachers.

I was afraid of the unknown entities (I knew their existence since young cos I’m a sensitive child) but was curious enough to learn to heal self and closed loved ones if necessary.

But I wasn’t open to heal others. I was afraid that I might have to deepen my knowledge of the unknown world and realm and dimensions (mainly jinn/entities world) thus, I refuse to heal others nor be open to it.

But then, fast forward many decades later, without me planning for it, my path was brought back to healing again. And though I’ve learnt myriad healing modalities from various cultures around the world, I prefer emotion code and body code by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

And then, no matter how much I did my best to avoid, I’m learning all over again how to heal from imbalances of body, heart, mind and own spirit but also from offensive energies including entities.

So how do I incorporate all the knowledge I’ve learnt/unlearn ? This is my unofficial summary of tips and advices for all races, genders, ages and religions/spirituality in regards to healing matters relating to other entities, world, realms, dimensions, I often call Jin.

1.Know that there is always a higher power to help you. So ask for help. Choose what labels you are comfy with and believed in – God, The Creator, the Universe, Allah etc. And believed that you will always be answered and helped no matter what you are (even when you feel unworthy or sinful. God is unconditional love. Do think kindly of Him).

2.Whenever entering own sacred spaces like homes, always seek protection from the higher power. After entering homes, do wash your face and feet (for Muslims take wudhu). This is to clean any energetic debris that we may get “entangled with” in public. Do say a little prayer for Example: “Dear God protect me, my loved ones and our homes from any evil, non positive energies and entities seen or unseen, always and forever. Ameen. “

Sometimes, entities may follow us into our homes and disrupt the harmonious relationships in families and loved ones.

3.Before sleeping, always recite prayer as above or create own prayers. Because entities can enter our dreams thus nightmares are formed. For Example: You feel heaviness as if something is sitting onto you and you cannot breathe. 
If forget prayers or sometimes our mouths are "muted" by them. Just say out loud, God, Creator please help me. Or azan for Muslims - Allahu akhbar (God is great). Do teach your kids to recite prayers of protection before sleeping. 
4.When entering places that contains filth for example our home toilets or public toilets, or even garbage centres or any foul smelling places etc do enter first with left feet and recite the above prayer. 
5.When basking in nature like camping, retreats etc in forest, sea, ocean, beaches, jungle, caves, mountains and many more, do recite the above prayer especially when there is a need to urine or defecate in nature - on plants/tree, dig a hole in the ground, in the sea etc where there is less human, there is often other entities living.

Sometimes we don’t see them and we urinated on their offsprings or homes and they retaliate by giving us pain like swollen feet, tummy etc.

6.When traveling, whenever you have the chills, goosebumps, chilly coldness in the neck area feeling some foreign presence, do recite the above prayer (or make your own) and especially when staying or entering  hotels, hostels, motels etc. 
Because when off peak season, when there is less humans, entities may move in. And also interchange of different people staying creating many incidents unknown or not (crimes like murder, robbery, drugs and more may left behind debris of dampening, heavy non positive energies). 

For Muslims, azan every corner of hotel room or recite Ayatul kursi 3 or 7 times.

7.Pregnant women and babies are often sensitive to non positive energies and entities. So recite some prayers as above or create own prayers. Babies who often cry at night especially after sunset. For Muslims, we recite the Quranic verses and have dzikr (similar to Hooponopono – please forgive me, astaghfirullah). This is also great to prevent any non positive thoughts manifestations due to own doubts and fears.

8.Often between 4.30-7pm in Singapore, it is not allowed to sleep. For Muslims, between asar and maghrib prayers. For other countries and continents, few hours before sunset. If need power nap, do it after lunch time. Especially for elderly, don’t sleep nearing sunset. If I’m not wrong, to prevent alzheimer as well. (note: always read my disclaimer in services page before attempting any suggestions listed in this site).

9.Sometimes we hear mystical stories and get easily awed by the unknown realms and entities. Or we wanted something (success, money, fame etc) or someone so bad (love potion, spells etc) that we learn to manipulate them using witchcraft or spells or signing a deal/contract with the devil.

Some even “rear” these entities like farmed animals (examples – toyol /unborn foetus who steals things for their owners, saka – jinn that is passed down from generation to generations. Because each entity needed to be fed and taken care of and they live hundreds and thousands of years (can u imagine the horrendous legacy you are passing down to your future gens?))

Don’t do it. Even if it is for free. There is always an exchange. It will affect not only your life but your family, loved ones and future generations related to you.

Furthermore, no matter how amazing other entities are, I’ve heard many tales whereby human conquer and lead jinn/entities like the Prophet Sulaiman a.s /Solomon pbuh. Another story: Solomon pbuh wanted the Saba Palace to be transported to his location. Jin volunteered to transport Saba Palace before Solomon pbuh can sit. Whereas a pious man came and say that he can transport the Palace before Solomon actually blinks.

So ultimately human beings are still the best beings in spite of our known limitations.

10.In a world of social media and gadgets, with methods of connections rampantly easy to share and update our celebrations of successes, fame, popularity, deeds, status, abundance and more to the public. It’s easy for anyone to boast his ego by publishing his merits and accolades.

Thus, may incur many envy and jealousy (penyakit ain) that may shoots energetic arrows to us and our loved ones. If possible, just share with people who matters. (Celebrities are often in this category. So learn to protect self and loved ones).

If your role and intent is for empowerment, so be it. But do protect self with energetic shield, above prayer,

and for Muslims – quranic verses with intent to protect self and loved ones (pagar diri/Protective shield with 7 x Ayatul kursi, 7x fateha can heal ailments except death, albaqarah or just simply 3 qul x3, blow on hands and rub all over body)

11.When engaging healers, ensure that no sacrifice of blood, humans and animals are being done.

For Muslims, get legit quranic healers. Endorsed by local religious bodies (asatizah certs etc). Listen to the quranic verses being heard.

Sometimes shamanic healers (bomoh etc) add unknown words in between.

And note this: No blood nor humans and no animal sacrifices is needed (like the movie King Arthur played by Charlie Hunnam, the evil King had to sacrifice his wife and daughter to be powerful) .

If suggested, decline gently and find other healers that sync well with your being and beliefs.

Why? If sacrifice is needed, that means the healer has his own entities. I’ve learnt in Islamic healing that we don’t need entities to heal ourselves from them. Just seek God’s help and recite Quran is enough.

Also “tangkal”- holy bracelets, written symbols or verses to be worn or inserted in jewellery, is not necessary. Nor an idol or statue made by man or entities.

It’s not the effigy that helps, it’s the higher power we call Creator. So ask for help, recite some prayers and trust that the higher power will help. Raise your energy and will to live happy and healthy. When you did your best, Surrender.

*in my quranic healing journey in my teens, I’ve learnt that sometimes humans envy and wants to manipulate reality of those they envied by the use of entities (jinn) . They capture these entities and torture or caged them to do whatever they desire onto others including harm of physical body, mental, heart and mind imbalances and dis-eases. They even employ jinn bodyguard to take care of these entities. (These caged jinn can also recite Ayat kursi to protect themselves and be free from them. I watched my teachers freed some of them.

In Islam, I was taught that the Prophet Muhammad saw was invited to share about Islam and its teachings to their community).

And these entities often enter human bodies through blood flow and especially when our energies are low and when we are super sappy like depressed, grief, broken hearted and more.

So take note. Be aware of every change in body, heart, mind and spirit.

Though I’m an energy healer. I don’t do channeling. It’s not just because my religion forbids it. To create space for another entity to enter is harmful in a long run. Sometimes, they just won’t leave.

Just remember every good or bad deed that we do, will come back to us a thousand fold. And not just us, our loved ones and future generations as well.

We will surely age, and be rewarded by our merits and demerits. So, if you are used to manipulate others through these offensive energies and entities… how do you feel if the tables are turned back onto you? Do you like to be manipulated, manhandled or be *controlled by other entities?

Even if you don’t believe in karma, life is a cycle. Time cannot be stop, we may be so successful, super wealthy that we can buy almost anything and everyone, so powerful that we feel like God and do whatever we desire without thinking of the effect and consequences.

Other healing modalities such as cupping, leeches (allowing the leech to suck out “bad blood”) and acupuncture is often recommended because they help to regulate blood and energy flow.

As for Muslims, is to recite quranic verses often or and recite on food or drink and consume them. Because what we eat will become a part of our energy and blood.

Mental disorder, stroke and many more often caused by jinn (entities).

Sometimes they, these beings may be enchanted by us, humans. I have a friend whereby a female jinn fell in love with him and lodge herself into his leg when he was traveling. The leg became swollen upon coming home. And he went to the Quranic school for healing. And the healers had a chance to #converse with the entity before healing him. I was there to witness cos I travelled with him in a group.

Also its possible for humans to marry entities (Jin). Thus the creation of half Jin, half humans, we malay called it bunian. I believe in the lost city of Z movie is them. I’ve heard strange stories when I was a child. Whereby a whole village in jungle can just dissappear in 1 day, be invisible to humans eyes.

Also stories whereby women gets pregnant without having sexual intercourse with any human and when it’s due time, the baby in womb disappeared.

And also stories of shapeshifters in villages of Indonesia and the learning journey of requiring mystical abilities. An acquaintance wanted to learn the art of flying and other mystical abilities. So he shared his learning journey. It was a bit wild and nonislamic (digging graves of recently died etc) for me.

Though I never plan to learn any of this… I’m fortunate that my foundation is Islam has a strict guideline for me to choose and discern what is allowed to learn.

Note: in my Islamic learning of healing, I am only aware of 1 entity – jinn. Anything not human, is jinn to me. That includes the fantastic beasts we seek like mermaids/merman, probable big foot, fairies, half human half animals, black dogs, @snakes, shapeshifters or other mystical legends including aliens, we often heard of.

Those who have departed, died, but sometimes we see them, feel them or having séances with them. These are actually “Qarin”. They are from jinn. They were made as our twin. Our carbon copy. To accompany us since birth to our lifetime.

Every human is always accompanied by at least 2 angels and 1 Qarin (jinn). When we die, Qarin is free thus may come back and disturb family and loved ones. Or may not.

Qarin is not a positive being for us. They may whisper nonpositive thoughts and stuff. I was taught that only the Prophet Muhammad saw Qarin was Muslim (perhaps this is a good one).

Allahu alam.
I shared my experiences and lessons learn/unlearn thru my perspectives. It may be limiting. So take what feels right to you. Seek help from the Creator to discern truths for yourself. Be open to do your own research and learn from experts in this.

though healing possessed people can sometimes create conversations between healers and the Jin within, it is not advisable to trust them completely.

@if there are snakes in homes, I was taught to tell them to leave immediately 3x. Just speak out loud to them, they can understand you. And if they leave, that means it’s Jin. If not, they are purely animals. So you can call the animal/pests centre or something…

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