Reaching 45, I have learnt…

When we reach the age of 40, I sense we have many gifts unfolding.

For me personally, my third eye is always open. My senses became sharpen. Manifesting and healing becomes easier and faster.

This is a moment where wisdom enters and I felt an understanding about the world that I cannot comprehend nor be able to convey to the non 40s.

I also notice the incessant yapping of doubts in the mind chatter on ageing, fear of being helpless, fear of ending up a burden to my kids and society, fear of death and hereafter, fear of not being enough to serve the world with my gifts, fear of not fulfilling my purpose – the reason for my existence, and many more.

Watching parents aging, departing, create a sense of repentance and attitude of cherishing the fleeting seconds ticking by.

Relationships become priceless and letting go off baggages seems easier. Because it can be overwhelming to body, mind, heart and spirit.

I notice the mind compares the past and present more vividly and thus the fear of future can be clouded and unwelcoming.

Questions like – did I do enough? Did I love enough? Have I experience enough? Have I wandered enough? Is this all there is? And if we have not reached the pinnacle of our successes then we start wondering, is my life a failure? If so, what can I do about it now?

Kids grown and as a parent, feeling not needed anymore.

The need to establish our legacy n success stories before we fade is very strong.

Please be gentle with yourself. If you are not aware of your changes as you reached 40 or maybe you sped through and reaching 50, note this… You are an amazing being. Your existence has contributed to the world with or without you knowing. You see we are all connected energetically. Like a Web.

As we learn/unlearn more and more, and we expand beyond our limitations, we are actually contributing to the global consciousness.

If you are aware, you noticed that your loved ones go though similar events of transformations as you did. And each are doing their bestest to live life with what they already knew, learn and experienced

Let go of shoulds n woulds. Enjoy life, go with the flow.By now, we r BFF with the Universe. Gratitude is key.

Listen, sense, meditate for lessons and blessings in every day experiences. Journal even if no one reads as your life blossoming more and more.

Let go of the non positive. Be positive, happy and healthy not just body but mind, heart and spirit as well.

You have done well. I applaud your existence. I stand in ovation in awe of your contributions.

Welcome to the Club Med of age. Its time to enjoy life in a much more fun ways.

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