Thank you Parents!

Sometimes we blame people responsible for our lives. When we do that, we give them greater power over our lives.
We carry them in our hearts as baggages awaiting disposal. Sometimes we carry them over many decades even after they are long gone. And we passed these baggages down to our future generations by repetitively sharing our wounded stories.
But we forgot one truth. They taught us lots. They “break” us to expand us beyond our limitations. They are actually our teachers. They push and trigger our buttons. And the Creator often give us repetitive lessons so we learn fully and elevate to the next level and be better beings.

I believe our families were chosen (no matter how dysfunctional) so we each, can transform to be better beings.
In Singapore, we celebrate mother’s and father’s days in May and June. I believe our parents’ hard work and sacrifice is too much that 1 day celebration yearly is not enough to commemorate their awe-amazingness.
Sometimes we may not be blessed with parents, even so our caretakers, nurturers, mentors, friends, teachers, and many more are our “parents”.

For me personally, I am thankful for my birth parents and step dad. The wanderers, the explorers, the artists (photographer, herbalist, fireman), the lovers of life and successful people in which I grew up and witness, learn and unlearn from. Fed with many adventures not just adventures of feet but mind, spirit, heart and especially tummy as well.

My birth father who rides the motorbike seeking best delicious food wherever he go. Opening my eyes, mind and spirit to see the beauty in everything like he did with his mind blowing photography. Being successful in abundance in everything he learn.

My mom learning world cuisines from explorers visiting the hotel she work with and sharing with us. Backpacking gathering healing info and meeting new people. My step dad who inspire me to travel more, fearlessly and out of the box creative and money saving ideas

Truly grateful for all these awe amazing mentors and teachers of life. No one essay or blog can ever spell out words to their greatness

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I am truly grateful #gratitude

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