Healing is not…

Healing is not about losing ourselves, giving up, admitting we are weak and vulnerable. Even the most powerful are self-healing everyday… because we are born healers. Our body self heal after every fall, every intrusion of bacteria or dis-ease…and many more.

Healing is not about instant gratification or magic pill. Healing is about self renewing promises, dedication, commitment and love to self. It’s about acknowledging your life and the many growth done. Often healing and especially energy healing is not focus on the symptom but the root and heart of the issue.

Healing is about taking a moment to acknowledge the NOW moment. The present moment in which the current challenge/s is faced.

When we received a diagnosis or life changing events like near death or someone we love passed that caused a rupture in our lives and beings… It’s the Universe way of nudging us. A sign to inform us that maybe we are going the wrong way. Or been doing the wrong habits. Or have been harbouring envy, jealousy or low worthiness for too long. It’s not a death sentence. It’s a sign to change. To improve. To start being aware than being lulled by the many busy-ness of life.

To acknowledge and be aware that the many patterns, beliefs, the many identities adopted, learnings learn/unlearn, experiences accumulated… are no longer working. Its time to get out of the closet life and expand to search for solutions.

Some may include releasing childhood traumatic events, baggages carried of the past and people involved including feels and emotions.

Nothing in life has meaning only the meaning we give them.

We attract what we are. We each understand snippets of everything and have different perspectives, filters in understanding anything.

Everything is energy. If we have a super super super microscope that can look into humans, plants animals and everything in this world, its 99% empty space, 1% essence, vibrating, creating itself into whatever is intended (my own understanding, go do your own research).

So nothing is engraved permanently. Nothing is confirmed. Everything can be changed. In truth, nothing is real. Everything is an illusion.

Whatever challenges you faced now is only the current result of what you have been doing past years.

As mentioned, healing is easy. Maintaining good health – body, heart, mind and spirit is a challenge.

My role is to be your guide. I shall witness the stories of your life and the many identities adopted thru out. You shall be seen, heard and matter in all your seasons be it good, bad, ugly or awesome. You shall share your woundedness, brokenness, and all parts denied, rejected and shamed. I’m not here to judge. No one has the right to judge. To me, only the Creator.

What makes us worse, is the hidden truth lies within, invisible, or denied to express itself. Eventually it spreads and create imbalance in our body, heart, mind and spirit.

When we accept ourselves as we currently are, WHOLE… it’s easier to do healing.

Many come to me when they are nearing desperation, giving up, despair, depression that seems no ending or diagnosis given by medical professionals that seems like a death sentence. It’s OK. There is always hope.

And some are truly newbie in energy healing and unsure where to start. It’s OK. Whatever level you are in, it’s fine.

But note this. Whatever patterns, habits, beliefs adopted, perspectives, filters that you have been programmed or habitual carrying them out… are normally deep seated and has many years ingrained, engraved (can be reprogrammed, erased) upon your being…

So every one who comes to me, note that this is not about experiencing super powers, super healing, full recovery in one time only session (though possible to create miracles). Nor the need to grow attach to me or the methods I will share.

It’s about unleashing your own inner prowess of healer and manifestor (you are already it. Your life now is the results).

It’s about debunking, addressing, facing fears and limitations and the many lies and illusions we adopted and feed ourselves (including autosuggestions of many ads playing “harmlessly” in every TV, radio, phones etc in every home, every life, every being, every second of our everyday ).

And often its about changes. And changes only happen once it becomes a habit. Minimum 21-40 days. And if its been years, you’ve been living with limited ideas and beliefs then it will take longer.
(though it’s possible to witness miracles in 1 session, it takes loads of dedication and commitment to truly transform, that’s why I only choose Warriors of life for my clients).

Like grime in the kitchen. If you cleanse everyday, it’s easier to clean. But if you clean the grime only once a year, don’t you think you need to invest in professional help or if DIY, a guide, coach, who has been through to guide, or at least if self help, how to videos, educational resources more TLC, more time, more effort, more energy, more $$ for tools, powerful cleansing liquids etc …

Some may think my rates are expensive. That’s why those who think that way are not my clients.

No one (if they truly be truthful with themselves) value things they get for free.

My clients are often professionals who have done and undergone programs that heal limitations of money. And they value investments they do for themselves.

And if you ever connect with me, you will feel that I often make every dollar worth. And I do my best to overdeliver. Because at the end of every session, my true desire is that you be and feel happier and healthier.

If you can pay thousands for degree just to get a 9-5 job of $3-5K monthly. Some of us healers have invested more than Masters or even PhD fees to learn from the masters and teachers around the world. Travel itself is already time, energy, blood, sweat and dollars consuming.

Not only that, in all our woundedness and healing, we are our own experiments first. We wanted solutions to our challenges. We heal ourselves first. We face our fears and boogeyman. We went into the shadows and dark nights. And when we succeed or fail, we bare ourselves by sharing so others can learn the fastest, easiest way.

And most only heal others when they feel its their “calling” or mass sought them out thru word of mouth (not because of the money) .

For me, personally I don’t stop there. I even enrol myself in international self development programs (Tony Robbins, T. Harv Eker etc) that cost at least $4K – 10K.

I even have coaches who charge $5K per hour (one of my mentor Blaire Singer rich dad poor dad advisor) often encourages us to find coaches who themselves have coaches because then it shows they are constantly upgrading. If not, we are starting to decay and die).

So if you accumulated all the investments we did, don’t you think we deserve to be paid to give you a shorter learning curve and best solutions?

Most healers are empaths, feelers, sensitive and big hearted souls. Often they overdeliver. Some cannot even say no (healthy boundaries is important, healers).

I don’t think healers want to cheat or even have the heart to overcharge. If you chance upon any who do, then remember what I say: we attract what we are. Look within and cleanse the inner limited patterns and beliefs of money and wealth.

Every client is different. And they take time to personalise every healing blueprint for every being (in my experience of witnessing) . And most believed life is a circle. Not necessarily karma but whatever we put out will come back to us.

Methods may be similar but never the same. I’m grateful that I’m surrounded by people who truly value humans and their gifts.

They often reminded me that every one of us matter. And money like everything else is just energy. And we deserve the best and we are not afraid to invest in the best as well.

These may seem ramblings. But nothing is by chance. Everything has a reason and blessing. Read over it again with your heart, if you don’t get the wisdom.

I love you. Everyone of you.
You each matter to me.
You also matter to the world.

Remember that.


P. S: Though I’m still sabbatical, I feel the need to share these again and again. To instil and renew hope and love.

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