Officially Sabbatical

It’s official. After my final work done last night and early this morning. I’m going sabbatical.

Dark night is harsh, yes but one’s life will be elevated like going in an express class. Anyway, through out my journey, I’ve shared that everyone is psychic. One can meander into many worlds at one time unfolding their gifts individually or all at once. Just be open to explore. Its beautiful.

For me, after mom’s passing, crashing into dark night of soul, the world doesn’t taste/feel the same. Sailing thru with vivid powerful process going thru me and eruptions of visions past, present, future popping up now and then, life has never been the same. It’s like having a cinematic xray vision beyond 3d. It felt like the illusions or matrix have been tored open and all I can see is raw nakedness in everything. I saw people digging their graves, hanging themselves with their own lies, making themselves sick suffocating in the closet with shame, hiding. Some give and give till they are empty, feeling great doing their part sacrificing their own life force while others just continue taking even though they have enough. If we take responsibility for ourselves, won’t the world be more balanced?

When will we start believing that every life matters? You matter, I matter. Your joys and mine do matter as well.

We have great powers but we pretend being victims. It’s easier if we just let others take over our lives. So we can lay blame and not be responsible. Life can be easy and effortlessly but we must also be willing to do what’s hard. And face our shadows if we must.

Remember we attract what we are

Everyone is actually manifesting. The life you are having right now be it good, bad or ugly, you manifest it. The law of attraction is indeed powerful. So, why not make it the best life ever?

My Ramblings… Take what feels right. Have fun manifesting. I won’t be taking anymore healing sessions, law of attraction coaching or spiritual consultations or business of any kind. I’m taking a sabbatical break. Thank you.

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