Reminder to ALL: Always sync with you.

Just a reminder, whatever I shared and whatever courses, seminars, programs or camps, or even advertorials and sponsors I did thru out my journey while partnering with various brands and people, do not follow me, blindly.

Always follow your own guidance system and heart, to ensure that it’s right for you.
That applies to everything in life.

No matter who you worship or loved dearly that you wanna follow these idols’ paths, always ensure that it sync well with you.

For me, I’m an explorer and experimenter of life. I am always curious. To me, life is a great big school. I go where I felt nudge by the Universe. I follow my joy.

My purposes and legacy may not be the same for you. In whatever you do, always seek your own counsel, guidance system, heart, intuitive, gut and of course the higher power’s guidance.

Ask and you will receive.

Have fun, living life full of miracles and adventures, everyday.

I love you,
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