Ramblings on Severance TV series and truths of life.

I woke up with my hands feeling an invisible wall around me. My son’s voice awakened me to reality and I opened my eyes immediately forgetting the dreams I’ve just experienced.

Last night or should I say morning….i frivously watched a new apple TV series named: Severance. Because the imdb rating seems hugely rated than norm, my curiosity was piqued.

I grew bored often by the many array of predictable series and movies. Even TV crimes no longer satiate my curiosity.

And I fear I may unconsciously revisualised the crimes in my reality, and manifest them in my everyday. I seldom watch them unlike in my youth (except Psych TV series which has a comedic jest and feel good “hallmark” effect in its crime solving ways) .

I often preach-We attract what we are, remember? As a law of attraction teacher and coach, I’ve grown good at it as my age matures. I’ve accidentally manifested my “unwanteds” as well. Thus the need to be aware of what good and not good things I’m bringing to my consciousness.

Anyway back to this new series, I love a good sci-fi series and movies that made me question my world, my being, my consciousness and more.

One of my favorites are movies from the Nolan Brothers. I have to watch them more than once to grasp some truths. I’m not concerned on the direct message of the movies shown but the deep-seated hidden messages inspired within.

Call me a new age, a law of attraction enthusiast, a wannabe spiritual adventurer philosopher, a multiverse comic fan fantasy of all sorts…. I believe our reality is beyond our comprehension. And the Creator only gives us bite size info, to what we can or open to understand.

So this series is about a group of workers who made a choice to do severance. Severance is from my understanding, a physical operation in the brain done to separate the two worlds of working life and outside working life.

It is shown that a microchip (that can be hacked) is inserted in the brain. The personalities between both worlds do not have any memories of each other. Like our reality of waking and sleeping. Totally mind-boggling.

Once, I felt the “drama” was too much by the management who runs the program. I wanted to cave in and give up the series midway. But I’m not someone who watch something halfway. I felt compelled to complete it no matter what.

Anyway, it answers some questions I’ve been asking myself lately.

Like – if paradise is a given, and I can have anything I want, why would I want to wait till Paradise to experience anything? It won’t be the same experience.

Second, I often dreamt of my loved ones who has passed. They often brought me to fascinating adventures. And they looked very much alive.

What if death was so much more than I was taught?

A recent event whereby I’m listening to incredible tales from an eldery, and agreeing with him, made me looked somewhat “weird” by my current gen, I suddenly realised that….

Even as a child, whenever anyone tells me incredible tales (beyond understanding), I’m always open to listen and believe. (I’ve also experienced different dimensions and experiences that were beyond my own mind comprehension).

Due to this nature, people especially strangers love to confide in me as if I’m the keeper of a gigantic secret vault. And it never cease. Because in every story shared and told, I believe there is a kernel of truth.

Even if it seems distorted to some, I felt that whenever peeps tell me something incredible and they light up from within, it may be their truth’s truth. May be their subconscious or super conscious deciphering life to their conscious awaken self.

Like a puzzle, I often felt whatever they are conveying may be an answer to their current challenge and dilemma.

And I will mirror them, share with them and confirm their stories with more questions.

And these tactics have served me well because as a healing coach, my job is to dig deeper into peeps’ consciousness. To seek solutions, answers and forgotten truths.

Even as a child, I was never afraid to uncover truths beyond our limited thinking.

Anyway back to the series, it felt like an everyday event. Whereby we forgot our 2 selves: sleep and awake.

I’ve always wondered – What if our true reality happens when we sleep?

So today, I woke up too early, too groggy to process fully what I’ve watched. But I felt like I’ve transcended into another realm when I dreamt.

I felt I’ve wandered far enough that the debris of yesterday dreams stick to me like I’ve traveled and sweat in the very skin I wore in my day.

I also felt exhausted as if I’ve flown and done exciting things. I know that if I wanted to, I can regress myself and get answers to where I’ve been in my dream state. But perhaps, after I’ve processed the info I’ve gathered in the series.

I believed that we each have a vast knowledge and info about anything and everything… But we forgot. And so, sometimes events, TV series and movies we felt compelled to watch or inspired to… “triggers” us to unfold or these info we already have, unleashed themselves upon us. Though it felt like new info gathered, I felt some kind of epiphany dawned upon me, a kind of dejavu, a realisation that I’ve known or experience all these before…

I also believe greatly that what we learnt about ourselves and humanity is just a tip of an iceberg. There is more to uncover.

Perhaps one day when we utilise our fullest potentials, we might be teleporting ourselves through many multi-verses, telepathically connect each other without voices but minds and hearts and solving challenges that our today minds can never grasp (Right now, the knowledge to “program” chi balls/energy balls are already mind bending for me).

I’ve gone beyond the traditional religion belief that we are here to suffer or that the world is created to test us so we can be punished for our limited deeds, after we died.

I believe our Creator wanted more for us, beyond we can ever can imagine.

Oh well, the mysteries of life never cease to surprise me each day…

Everything happened, always has a blessing and reason.

Have you ever question yourself… any of the above? What if our reality is not what it seems?

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