Choosing wrong life partner is damaging to self.

I cannot emphasized how important it is, to choose the right life partner of the same level of consciousness. Because advanced souls have powerful missions and messages. Their lives are meant to wake peeps up.

We Vibrate differently.

We see the world so different.

We can get physical, mental, emo and especially spiritually bored. Because we are advanced souls. Our blueprints are different.

It’s not arrogance nor ego to select the best for yourself. You are going to learn and grow in quantum leaps with this person. If they don’t get you, they never will. So wake up, dear advanced souls. Remember what you are.

We can see past, present and future in the Now.
We can “see” with all senses.
We go through a different type childhood than our peers.
We go through dark nights of soul from a very young age.

Even as a young child, I was told, I was too advanced and wise for my age. Whatever I shared, peeps only understood many years later. When I was a famous blogger, my mentors told me, the world is not ready for me. I never grasp what they told me. I wanted to feel belonged so badly that I kept crashing into the wrong crowd. It took me years to understand myself. And where I belong..

I used to think, it’s discriminating to segregate myself from others just because….

But no matter how hard I tried, some peeps just won’t understand me. Including my loved ones especially family.

I’ve tried justifying, explaining and sometimes retreating to their level of understanding so as not to appear weirdly bizarre but I cannot hide for long. It doesn’t make me happy. Like a fox amongst the chickens. Like a PhD talking to kindergartens. I’m not referring to intellect. I’m referring to the consciousness levels at which we are operating from.

Dearest advance souls…
To remember what you are,
Is true freedom, a liberation…

You were never meant to blend in.
You were never meant to hide.
You were born to shine.
You were born to shake things up.
You were born to create new paths, lead, preach and teach.
You are a born warrior.
You understand deeper level of consciousness.
You see life different than many.

Your existence is to remind mass of what they have forgotten.

Their truths and missions.
Like a light tower, your being draws many.
You heal not just the body, heart, mind but also spirit and soul.
Many won’t understand you. It’s OK.
Forgive them.
Let them go.
They are newborns.
New souls.
Guide them as much as you can.
And then send them on their own way – @linamasrina

I believe everyone is a born healer and manifestor. We attract what we are. We heal when we intent. You are a Warrior Healer. Your life is proof.

Life is one big experiment full of lessons to learn or unlearn. Decide, everyday… Stop complaining, stop blaming, stop finding excuses and start taking responsibility for your life. Start creating the best life for yourself. You matter.

Be the Warrior Healer you were born to be – Stop waiting for permission to be you. Stop seeking happiness in others. Be happy, NOW.

Lina Masrina is a former food and travel blogger who has appeared on local and international TV, radio, magazines etc. She is now a global healing coach and spiritual teacher to advanced souls.

Disclaimer: All content provided by Lina Masrina in all blogs and media is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please contact your professional healthcare provider before attempting any suggestions provided.

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