Who is this person I have created in all of its existence unknown and mattered?

Strip loneliness to its core. Find the root cause.

I grew up not having my family as my support. Thus the strength began in standing on my own.

I knew how it felt not to be understood by those who truly matters. Thus the invisibility that happens.

I understood while crowded by peeps, one can truly feel lonely. Listening to voices validated by others but not our own.

Regardless whether we are singular by choice or even when one is in a relationship like marriage, there will be times where one can feel lonely. Alone overlooking down from the peak.

I also understand what it’s like not to be accepted by peers and society in which we, humans, each truly, mostly crave and express through our actions in our everyday.

The need to be seen, heard and matter in our lives is crucial to our existence.

When that does not happen especially, when with our loved ones, the loneliness begin to seep in.

Our worthiness began to fray at its seams.

If ever as a child, we were taught not to be ourselves, we may feel that to be our true selves as adults, may felt like being a fraud.

Even as technology has expanded in various forms of connections, the loneliness too has spread in myriad forms…and most of us are not aware.

The loneliness spread wild like fires enveloping and engulfing those in its way.

It began…

This tiny restlessness creep within, creating chaos wherever it flows and eventually one has to face it all.

No matter how much we deny, we each desire to be seen in all our perfections and imperfections.

Truthfully, mainly to be accepted as what we truly are.

Love is always the root. Either the abundance but mainly the lack of it, in our unique definition and interpretation and our desire of its expression.


As an explorer, I know how it feels to run around the world with the delusion of escaping, this being, called myself.

To separate myself from me, is the one thing I had tried numerous times.

This identity I created in all its illusions, may have seemed to failed me.

I desire to peel all of me. Clawed my nails through and through and feel the rawness of the unknown me being created at its beginning.

We each desire to matter.

To be seen.

To be heard.

To fail and succeed.

And yet,
be accepted
In love,

Start with kindness.
Start with gratitude.
Start with acknowledging the desire within.
Start with vulnerability.
Start with failure.
Start with success.
But mainly just start.

Start with
even just
a tiny atom
of love
we can
ever gathered
and mustered
at the bottom
of the endless
we had
fallen to.

For when we are at our lowest….

The only way
to breathe is
to look up.

And start
going up…

Hope can blossom

Even in the most

darkest days…

My love is with you ,


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