What’s your biggest takeaways, lessons and blessings this year?

I’ve known healers who absorp others’ dis-eases, illnesses and whatever in order to heal others. I’m not keen onto this type of healing because, then the human who absorp have to learn to heal it in himself.

I’m not referring to simple case of flu, fever, headaches but big ones like cancer.

And other than the healer has to be strong, he too must have some kind of energetic prowess to heal and recover fully before he moves on to another client.

All of us have some kind of empath power where we absorp to a certain degree whatever the world share with us. The key is boundaries.

As a mother, and energy healing professional I knew that, when I was learning healing for myself and family, I will often absorp my kids’ ailments without realising especially when they were small.

Most times after, I only feel what they feel so I can gauge the intensity of what they experiencing in order to heal them.

As a parent, we can learn to uncover these hidden abilities because we love and care for our kids. As we use them often, we sharpen the abilities.

So back to this healing thingy. As soon as I spoken these words, I go through the path, again. This time, my son was having tummy issues. And I was just intending to heal him when, suddenly, I “got” it. I went to the loo, a few times.

And then, I felt all sorts for awhile. I was super fine just minutes ago. Meanwhile, my son felt so much better, thinking he just shared with me but he was doing more than that.

I went and cleared my bowels 4 times and then my tummy was OK. I felt fine again. So was my son.

Later I watched Dan Brown series the lost symbol and there were 2 characters who heal another by absorbing (thru deep fast paced breathing, I reckon is transcendental meditation).

But it was not shown where the ailment went and affect the healer. It just completely disappear. It’s possible, I’ve seen that happen. But erm, I fear that the ailment may linger and create a compounding effect if the healer is not efficient to heal within himself.

My method meanwhile, is guiding the client to heal themselves. But if in urgency pace, I shall share his/her space/aura or connect to them (we each have energetic cords that can be connected to one another, mothers with children are auto) and help him release them. But not all can be release immediately.

Some is deep-seated and has been with the client for decades and so, we shall work on them, in a slower pace while uncovering the root of it all using muscle testing or intuitive questions. And if there are repeated toxic patterns, they can be changed too. I also do hypnotism and regression.

Mostly being conscious and aware is the key. And openness is definitely encouraged.

Whatever it is, whoever you choose to contact with, remember you have a choice. Empaths are great at absorbing the world’s pain and suffering. But the empaths don’t have to do that. Because, everyone has to learn and unlearn from their life.

And when you absorb, the Universe may give them repeated circumstances until they learn. And you absorb for nothing (but also lessons for you to learn about yourself and life).

Anyway, choose wisely and intuitively. For healers, there are many ways we can heal without absorption.

Oh, biggest takeaway?
I’m learning that when my life is relaxing and slow, I shall follow the flow and rest as much, because the next phase may not be as gentle and kind, and like a tide of rippling waves, they may wash me out and leave me bewildered but mainly chaotic. Even so, true love begins with me loving myself and healing myself first whenever, wherever.

Traveling is taking some toll on me. I’m learning to slow down and cherish the moment more.

Being a bird, staying put in 3 years in a few locations left me, bored and out of my mind. But I learn to fly and feed my curiosity wherever I am. Also stillness is not a bad or difficult art to start maximising. Breathing is definitely essential in all aspects of life. Worries are not a necessity.

True love is something I thrashed recently but watching my sons’ faces when I shared my convictions, I do not desire for them to repel love because of my beliefs. And so I am open to believe that monogamous true love is possible.

(I believed that if one have found soulmate and true love, they stayed together and if one passed, they live with memories of such love without having any idea of finding another till end of life but I was proven wrong again and again with a plethora of men in my surroundings whose marriage had lasted 10,20 years… Women can stay single for decades but men, erm… But again, who am I to judge anybody? What do I know? I’m not a man. ).

The world is rapidly changing. Some say its end of time. Recently on my recent short pilgrimage, an Ustaz told me about a prediction that humans cannot last beyond 1500 years after Prophet Muhammad saw. He was so convinced thus was sappy. And made me too. I’ve also been having weird dreams before and after. So I’m adjusting my positivity to balance it out with facts, shared with me thru religious events. And knowing that, religious teachers are also humans. They also have limitations. And so do their teachers and surroundings. Whatever they learn will often adjust itself thru their perspectives. So, I take everything with a pinch of salt. And everything else, I cannot truly conprehend, I surrender.

Surrender to the Almighty, gives me some form of peace and of not being in control. I can only strive to do my bestest one day at a time. What tomorrow brings, I shall not focus much because I don’t know. I may have visions or intuitions but ultimately, the Almighty has all the answers.

New year is approaching. I felt great that this year, I’ve accomplished much that may be unexpected. But mainly I’m thankful for my small family. Happiness, love, abundance and good health is something i cherish everyday.

So i shared a bit about mine, what about yours? What are your biggest takeaways, lessons and blessings this year?

You don’t have to share with me but you can journal or ponder about it. Acknowledge them all. Life may be short or long. But if acknowledge everything we experienced, it’s worth a lot more. That’s what being a human is all about.

Everything has a solution. Everything has a reason and blessing. The Almighty has our backs. Just ask and listen fully with your heart. Love is the answer.

I love you.
Take care.

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