What is love?

(Everything we do is stemmed from the love we think we deserved).

What is love?

We flee
from lover to lover
Begging to be seen
our existence
to matter
To someone,

Our meaning
of love is limited
We can be
drenched with love
But never
Always hungry
for more.

Obese with
the idea of lack
Not enough
Not being enough
Always looking for something more
Telling ourselves
we deserved better
Elevating ourselves
in so called levels
In so many layers
Of pretense
To achieve
the highest levels
Of illusion.

So limiting
our perception was.

So pampered
we were born to be
So helpless
We cried for attention
We cried to be soothed
We cried to be loved.

Some guardians
Taken care of us so well
Some of us
and left for dead.

And our limitation perception
of love was born.

A collection of
blueprint of sorts
All imprints of love given
We acknowledged
our worthiness
due to that.

All untrue.

some made up


What is love, truly?
Only God knows.

Sunday 12.11.23- 2.15am

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