Warrior Healers are leaders of love, healing and transformations.

Embrace yourself.

Sometimes their existence and presence are enough to heal their surroundings and their worlds.

Sometimes you watch news and feel empathy of all the global issues of the world that are challenging. Wars, famine, poverty, anything that affect mankind, affect us all, whether we are conscious or not.

Sometimes in our own vicinity, we watched some individual grew up with so much challenges that our heart weep for them. We do our best to help them but sometimes, we cannot. We can only watch with much helplessness and hopelessness. And issue prayers and supplications to the Creator for them.

These peeps are born to be warrior healer. Warrior to withstand with patience and solve creatively with intelligence and partner with the Universe with whatever circumstances thrown at them.

And Healer to have the boldness and courage to heal or learn to heal themselves and their loved ones. As they do their inner and outer work, the world transform alongside them.

Some of us, Warrior Healers… were challenged at a tender age..

At the moment of trials and tribulations, our angst and colorful emotions spat out. We hated the world and the Creator. We hated ourselves for being born. We hated everything. We decided to walk our own path.

Whether we set all else on fire and destruction or we spread love and affection, that depends on us. Both are equally powerful and send out millions of ripples to others.

Everything given is a gift. In our roller coaster emotional ride, we cannot see clearly. But one day, we can.

Some peeps are born to be leaders of love, healing and transformation. Warrior Healers are one of them.

If you are one of us, welcome. We are a unique bunch, weirdness is our norm. We see the world different. And it’s OK. We love you. We love us. Let’s just be. Our presence and existence are already healing. Be our true selves. Don’t hide your wounds. Let them heal. Let them be scars. Every scar has a powerful story that empowers others.

Every day of your life is a powerful existence, improving itself in their own unique way. Be. Be the Warrior Healer you were born to be. The world need us.

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