Manifesting love and companionship may be more challenging…

As mentioned I will do my best to share whatever cases I’ve handled in hope, many can get the wisdom, healing and growth in every life experience.

Some of us desire a long lasting most compatible and harmonious relationships and companionships. For partnerships, colleagues and work related, it’s easier to manifest the right peeps than peeps relating to matters of the heart.

If you have done the work (if you are diy, I recommend the Calling in the One book by Katherine Woodward. No matter what the current status of the author is, don’t judge, I find her work quite intensive and good for beginners and advanced.) and gone through various selfdevelopment programs, workshops, seminars, coaching and more… And if, it seems nothing is working for you…

It’s time to let go fully. Let the higher power take over. And if you have difficulty letting go, give up. Forget about it, totally.

Be aware of the current vibe you are in, relating to love and relationship. Is it needy? If it is, let go of this neediness. The neediness to be in a relationship.

How to let go? Tap on your 3rd eye chakra/heart chakra and say – I let go of this neediness in relating to love and companionship. Tap until you feel its gone. Normally 3 taps are enough.

If ever, you noticed in your surroundings there are peeps in love, couple showcasing their pda, don’t envy. But instead send blessings and more love to them. Or you can even say a little prayer for them that their relationship may last, filled with love and be harmonious always.

On daily basis, write a diary of gratitude of current love. Say thank you to the current love that is being showered upon you. Your parents, your siblings, your colleagues, your friends and besties, your pets, God and nature and more. Even if it’s difficult, at least write 10, best to write 50-100 of gratitude and more daily. Example – I am grateful for the abundant fresh air created for me with love.

Many books and programs mentioned visualised as if the person you want to manifest is already here with you in your life. This works wonders. But if you are having issue with letting go, then, you don’t have to do this. (For example, making cupboard space for his clothes, shoes, toiletries etc).

The above exercises are enough.

Note: Do your best not to focus on a certain person. You may be able to manifest a certain person but it’s not right. You are meddling with another’s free will. The consequences is not good. So, allow the Creator to choose the most compatible and harmonious partner for you.

Relationships can be one of the most challenging manifestation for peeps. Because it dives deep.

And all the core beliefs, assumptions adopted, patterns and habits and many more illusions and flawed perceptions, ideas about our worthiness etc.. that we accumulated through out our lives may start being visible and start interfering with our manifestations.

Sometimes we may also have self made vows that need to be released, promises to stay single, energy cords with others (sexually and not) need to be cut, ideas about previous lifetimes of being celibate monks and nuns (I don’t believe in lifetimes and so my belief is that previous generations’ experiences and memories are passed down to us and we deemed them to be personally ours) and many more.

So be kind and gentle to ourselves. We are already loved. We were made of love. And taken care of with unconditional love (by our Creator). It’s our birthright to be love. So shine bright with much love! With or without a companion, you are already enough.

Sometimes we think, we need a companion because we feel we are somewhat incomplete. Or perhaps we took what the society deemed us as broken, as our truth. Especially single parents, divorced, separated peeps. After their break up, they immediately look for a rebound. To fill up their so called sufferable emptiness and loneliness.

But in actual fact, they should use the time to heal and learn/unlearn from the previous relationships’ mistake. Grieve if they must.

Do whatever it takes to heal fully before embarking onto the next relationship.

Until we become whole first, we shall continue attracting peeps who are incomplete.

I love you.
Take care.

Note: I believed we each are blessed to have healing abilities and that our bodies can auto heal themselves. My role is to facilitate that.

I believed that The Creator is the Ultimate Healer because without His will and permission, nothing is possible.

Disclaimer:All info provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please contact your professional healthcare provider before attempting any info provided in all my media and suggestions shared.

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