Incest healing

This topic may trigger some, a taboo and stigma for some and may ripple out more empathy, love, emo than before. Whatever it is, be aware of what’s happening within and without, as you read this.

I’m just started providing the healing services again but instead of face to face, I’m conducting more remote and distance healing sessions. I’m hoping to touch as many who needs.

And also as I’m ageing gracefully, I’m taking account of my heart.

In all my travels and explorations of the physical worlds and not, I’ve seen everything I need through my heart. It can be quite burdening and exhilarating to both extremes (everyone has it) of psychometry/clairvoyance.

I do my best to share what I’ve learn in as much healing sessions I’ve conducted and experienced so that many can benefit from it.

Incest. A very sensitive topic especially in Asia region where I love to stay and roam. This topic is often hidden in hope to protect whatever face, name or dignity of a family name, status etc.

For me, as a healer, the more we hid, the more it deteriorates. Everything that happens to us, needs to be acknowledge, in private or public. But if you need a professional help, get a trustworthy one.

Feel it use your gut, be intuitive with peeps with whom you desire to leave your secrets with.

Some childhood incest stayed hidden as a life coping mechanism for some. Some kids blanked and blacked them out. They are still within us, some where.

Everything that happens to us, good or bad will be recorded by our subconscious. And they will show up in fragments and may cause some imbalances to our lives.

Incest to whatever sacred body parts, will have issues with the chakras nearest to it. For example, if it’s sexual parts, then the root chakra may have issues. So safety of the world can be fleeting to the child growing up. And trusting others can be difficult including themselves.

(Im not a therapist expert, please always consult your own professional doctors to your issues before consulting with me. And always read my disclaimer before doing what was suggested in all my medias.)

Like a home that has been trespassed or burgled, the fear of it happening again may still exist even after decades has passed.

So to heal it, sometimes we got to look at the root of it, the event and the effect it has upon us. For children who cannot express or share, muscle testing and also intuitive healing skills can be used.

If the perpetrator is still in ties with victims, it can be quite a challenge. Some families hid them and treat that it won’t matter if they pretend not to see it or address it. Have the courage and boldness to do something to prevent it from happening again, please.

Ripples of every action has its consequences. If one thinks ignoring is bliss, I’m sorry to say, it’s not. We as humans, are all connected in an Intricate Web. Whatever happens to 1 human, we each can feel the cause and effect (depending on our awareness and sensitivity)

Anyway, stay away from the perpetrator whenever you can to heal fully. Of course reporting them to the authorities, is one way. If not, do whatever it takes to start healing before it festered and wound a bigger part of self.

Hypnosis, regression, meditating and more can all help if you are open. Healing tools like emotion code and body code can also help further by using muscle testing to reveal hidden answers already reside in physical and spiritual bodies. Learn them yourself or get a practitioner like me to help you. (I suggest reading Louise Hay books, Emotion Code, Body Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson or and Silva Method (Jose Silva) for newbies.

Many times, child victims growing up, blame themselves for such events. They may feel that their existence is the cause and root of it. Not easy but can be healed.

Sometimes self blaming or blaming higher power the Creator for such events is common. As much as I desire to emphatize (I’ve been in such situations), I have to tell you this…

One day, in perhaps in many decades, we each will understand why “bad” things happen to some of us.

The Creator has always and will always protect us by providing His angels 24×7 and such. But some events happened, to mould us, to transform us into something, we have promised to be and undertake before we were born. To be healers, transformational leaders, and soul solutions providers in certain (painful) niches.

Some of us has the worst experiences in our childhood that we thought the world is full of preying monsters. And some of us desire not to be part of any of it.

But we were chosen. We also became much wiser and Intelligent filled with more life awareness than others. Because we’re born to lead, teach to heal and love unconditionally (for me personally, I’ve asked myself a thousand times – why from popular food blogging, did I changed into healing coach?)

It’s not easy to see all these. In fact, some of you may hate me for saying all these. I hated myself too for saying such things to myself, when some dark nights happened.

If you don’t understand, let it be. Just have faith that one day everything will be clearer and you will be open to understand why our lives are such.

So back to the incest, do whatever it takes (as long as its not hurting yourself physically and legally and to others)… To be safe again.

Be alone. Stay stoic. Keep others out. Whatever… As long as you keep yourself safe and be safe again in this world. And start healing the root chakra and all the chakras that were wounded and destroyed.

Do it as many times. And then the emotional trauma, physical trauma alongside it’s many trapped emotions. Faced them, talk to them and released them.

You can also placed your hand on parts that felt “broken” and heal. Imagined healing energy comes out and heal everything your hand touches.

No matter how long ago the events have passed, we can always go back to the stage we were in, when it happened. You can always meditate and meet your younger self to heal. Tell him or her, it’s not their fault.

For me personally, I had such sexual trauma. I had blanked and blacked out its details and events from my consciousness. But I often felt something was not right growing up. I hated boys and men. I felt the need to protect myself from them.

Though I cannot remember anything, I felt the need to wear extra clothing to protect my sacred parts from showing. And there were times, I deny that I’m a girl and pretend I was a boy to be happy, socialising with everyone in a secular school.

All crumbled and showed itself when I was in a group coaching program. Like a Pandora box opened, all ghouls and boogeyman and monsters escaped. Part of me were still stunned, years later with the reconciliation of the dark truth that emerged. I was in a hurry to shove them back in the box but it was overwhelming that I had to let go and trust the natural healing process that transpired, after.

After that I transformed so fast, even I have difficulty staying present with my changes.

I cannot say words that can console you or empower you to heal yourself. Only you can do that. I know we, warriors were made and born. And the Creators has provided for us with whatever we desire to help us heal and handle this matter harmoniously. Just ask. He always answers.

There are many healers in this world. Be honest and reach out for help. There are many tools and books to help us all. Just be open to what inspired you. And the right peeps will be attracted to you and help you.

The bigger your problem is, means the bigger transformation and perhaps the number of peeps you can help, will also grow.

Also be gentle and kind to yourself. Do have so much unconditional love for yourself not in an egocentric way but just humanly way. Remember a diamond was once a black carbon thingy. To be the diamond, it has to undergo many deep processes.

**if your current family is not helping you or supporting you in ways that you need, go and get yourself a new tribe, a new family. I’m not saying to cut ties with your current family. Sometimes, they don’t know how to react with the truth served to them.

Sometimes they don’t react exactly the way we wanted them to. Sometimes no reaction at all or they blame you instead for the events. Let them go. Let them be. Don’t assume the worst of them. Think good. Give them time and space.

But it is essential to get yourself surrounded with peeps who truly care and love you and desire that you heal fully. Sometimes we are challenged with the most dysfunctional family and relatives. It’s OK.

For now, you matter first and most. Get likeminded friends and tribe members. Go to programs, workshops, AA, or meetups with peeps that are going through the same journey. Write a journal and reflect deeply. Also don’t confess to any Tom, Dick or Harry. Keep them to yourself until you find the right peeps.

Note: I believed we each are blessed to have healing abilities and that our bodies can auto heal themselves. My role is to facilitate that.

I believed that The Creator is the Ultimate Healer because without His will and permission, nothing is possible.

Disclaimer:All info provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please contact your professional healthcare provider before attempting any info provided in all my media and suggestions shared.

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