Self-healing using Emotion Code (especially for Empaths)

Self healing using emotion code

I discovered emotion Code from a Warrior mate in Malaysia. He brought me to an energy healing workshop with his teacher in 2014. And ever since, I’ve been using it.

It’s so easy, even my kids learnt in when they were children.

I find this technique super useful for me because as an Intuitive empath who is sensitive and feels a lot, and also who absorp a lot from peeps and the surroundings, it can be overwhelming for me sometimes. But with Emotion Code, I can release them within seconds.

When I first learnt this technique, I felt a whole huge baggage being lifted from me. And i am able to discern what is truly mine and others,in separation.

I then teach as many as I can. And I also went through its certification and bought 2 systems, Emotion Code and Body code system (3rd one is Belief Code coming soon)

I’ve wandered through the world and learn many healing modalities and tools from myriad teachers of various cultures and beliefs.

And these 2 methods are what I find the best in helping my clients find the roots and the causes rather than solving the symptoms only. Also I find it does not clash with any religion, faith or cultures.

For newbies in self healing, I recommend learning the Emotion Code book, first by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

Practice often with yourself and your loved ones. And observe the miracles happening.

I do my best to share the easiest method to do Emotion Code for self.

Steps to self heal using Emotion Code:
(I often ask my clients to self heal after their session, rather than pay me hourly 350. It’s a vision, I understood and desire, from Dr. Bradley Nelson…for myself, and my kids’ gen and the world that one day, all of us can heal ourselves).

1.Find a safe comfy space and time (15-30mins is sufficient).

2.Prepare a bottle of water.

3.Research on muscle testing and choose one that feels right for you. I prefer the sway test.

4.If muscle testing is not working for you, you either may be dehydrated or have some tensions in neck or have neck misalignment. Drink water. Or and reset the neck alignment by intent: I reset my neck alignment now. Tap on forehead and slide upwards 3x.

5.Print or prepare the online version of Emotion Code table.

6.When you are ready to begin, intent and say a little prayer according to your beliefs and faith. I start with – Bismillah. I intent to heal myself. Dear God, help me. May I heal efficiently ASAP now. Thank you Allah.

7.Stand straight. And ask a few test questions. For example – my name is Lina. See how my body moves. Normally right answers make my body move forward. But some peeps move right or left. Some in a dance.

Whatever feels right, find the movement for the right answers. Second test – say love, and notice if your body move forward. Say hate and observed what happened. Normally love, makes the body sway forward.

8.Once both test are satisfactory, then start.

9.Awareness is key here. So let go of the random rampant and abundant thoughts not relating to healing. Be focused.

10.Whatever issues you have, be it physical pain, emotional, mental or even spiritual, ask. For example, pain in teeth, is there any trapped emotion relating to this tooth ache? How many? Is it mine? If not, whose? father or mother or inherited? How many generation? If its yours then proceed, to ask…

11.Is it column a or b?is it from the odd or even rows? If its odd, is it 1,3 or 5?if its even, is it 2,4 or 6.

12.Once you found the rows, for example column B, row 6 – ask is it pride, shame, shock, unworthy, worthless?

13.Be gentle and kind to self. Have patience. And drink lots of water through out the process, to flush out whatever needed to flush out. Whenever tired, rest.

14.I prefer sway test because, it’s easy for newbie. And it’s also the most exhausting so we cannot, “pretend” or fake it. We can ask many things for muscle testing even good foods to buy during groceries shopping. But don’t ask the important crucial questions like is he/she the right partner for marriage? Do I have such disease?

15.Once the above answer of trapped emotions is derived, tap on your forehead and slide upwards to release it 3x. For Inherited issues, you have to dig deeper. Find the lineage. Sometimes current offsprings from you may also have it. So if its inherited, find out from which side, father or mother. Then ask how many gen backwards? 1 gen= 23 yrs.

Always ask – do I need to know more? Sometimes, we need to specify the exact person, is it mother’s mother? Is it mother’s father’s mother’s father? Do my kids have it? Is it son a or son b or daughter a? Do all my offsprings have it?

16.Once answers are found, and satisfied, tap on forehead and slide upwards 10x. Say I release this trapped emotion of sorrow from me, past gen of 10 gen and my sons now.

17.Healing is about being aware and giving whatever is trapped, it’s 5 seconds of fame – being seen, heard and matter.

18.After releasing, ask, have I released this trapped emotion?

19.Sometimes, you asked but no answers or reaction. Ask, is it hidden? If yes, then proceed to ask what column and row.

20.As you practiced more, you can proceed onto heart wall. (1 Heart wall can have more than 1 trapped emotions)

21.After healing is done, do imagined all the trapped emotions released, go back to the Creator. You can visualised a universal vacuum cleaner sucking all that was released and fly back to the Creator.

22.Do read the Emotion Code book first to understand the whole process.

23.Once you learn to heal yourself, you can proceed onto others, your family and pets.

24.Then you can also learn distance healing and spread them no matter how far your loved ones may be.

25.For those in coma or unable to do muscle testing, you can also learn to be surrogate.

26.This can be done daily before you go to sleep. Make it a healthy habit. Especially for Empaths, it’s a must tool to learn.

27.I shall not bogged you further with more info. The info given above is sufficient for newbies. Also take note, we cannot heal others without their consent. So seek their permission. For those below legal age, seek their guardian’s permission.

28.Always have the mindset that – Everything is possible. This method has also helped in phobia, trauma, stress, ptsd, hidden traumatic events and many more issues. (whatever happens to us, is recorded by our subconscious even if we had forgotten, memories with it’s trapped emotions are often present)

29.Different practitioners may differ in the steps above. I shared what works for me and my clients. I trust that whatever we seek, we will find, InsyaAllah.

We are like onions. Sometimes, we have to peel many layers before we get to the core root. Have patience, be kind to self.

Note: I believed we each are blessed to have healing abilities and that our bodies can auto heal themselves. My role is to facilitate that.

I believed that The Creator is the Ultimate Healer because without His will and permission, nothing is possible.

Disclaimer:All info provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please contact your professional healthcare provider before attempting any info provided in all my media and suggestions shared.

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