Stop faking it

Be true to self
Say what you really mean

Stop pretending
Stop trying to be nice

Be bold be different
It’s ok to be different.
It’s ok to shine as you.

The world need warriors and leaders
Your soul tribe will be visible only if you STOP being invisible

It’s ok if people leave you
It’s ok if your loved ones exit

Them leaving only create more space for your true soul tribe to enter your life.

You being YOU attract others who are in sync with their true selves

Don’t waste your time in the wrong crowd
You only attract more pain and unhappiness

If you stay with the “fake ones”, you will end up being the fake one.

You lost sight of the true you
You walk around in life feeling empty
You became addicted to fill up the void within
You became a junkie of all sorts (the never ending abyss within, nothing can satiate it, not your lover, nor your wealth, or even the “guru”s of the world can fill it up for you)

Most people who are in so much pain
Is because they do not acknowledge the real person within.

It’s ok if you have forgotten who you truly are
What is important is that you are willing and ready to embrace the true YOU now
And experiment with what truly matters to you.

Be You.
Everyone else is already taken.

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