Singapore – I had forgotten what it’s like to be her citizen.

Weeks back, I had the chance to mingle and be in trainings with the locals.

For years, wherever I go in Singapore, everyone thought I was a “foreigner”. This was probably because within me, I never believed I was made for one country. I believed I’m a world citizen. And the world is my playground.

We don’t need labels of nationalities, races, colours of our skins, backgrounds, cultural differences, religions to separate us. WE are all connected. Whenever one country faces a challenge or a calamity, don’t we all feel our heart strings tugged as well? When they cry due to typhoon, storm, floods or even poverty, dont’we cry as well, and do our best to play a part in helping them?

Anyway, these has been one of the best times I had with the locals, it felt like we were bonding, growing and learning/unlearning as a family.

And I learnt lots from the all walks of life about my beloved country-Singapore.

Below are two entries I wrote as I travelled, one from instagram and personal facebook.

Belated gratitude.
I was curious and so I went. Wanted to stay in the shadows and follow the crowd. But instead, I found myself boldly sharing my thoughts.
Faced with many senior more experienced male leaders, they humbled me by letting me lead them.
No matter how much we wrestle to share our perspectives and experiences, we ended up harmonising our perspectives to create a win-win.
Truly will not forget this experience. Thank you family of learners. You brought me back to the humbleness of being a simple human. And supporting me so well that I know now leaders must lead so more leaders can show up.
And it’s okay to be a woman leader amongst men. They respect and honor you. In fact they took pride in being a member of the team you lead. And support greatly and loyally.
This is just a small group of the family. Thank you. Truly appreciate this experience.

This is a late entry. As I travel with warm heart and tummy, I carry with me loving memories. Where can you get Chinese, Indians, Malays and mixed races working harmoniously under one roof? Singapore! .

No words can express how this loving team work together in trainings. Like a family that grows together, they taught me more than money can ever buy-being Human..

Thank you awesome people of the world-Kev, Rahmah, Jamilah, Maria, Devi, Eddy, Wira, Leonard and many more. .

Stay awesome. Be YOU. See life positively with loads of laughters and smiles. Share yourself, love and creativity with the world.

Keep up the amazing service standards and don’t stop testing out the customer service of the world ;).

Love you guys. Miss you.

p.s:  Of course with loving #family, comes #loving #food and #celebrations .

This has got to be my favourite ngoh Hiang and seafood horfun!!! .

As 1 auntie shared-it has not changed since she was a child, the taste and quality is the same. And that was more than 40 years ago…

The ngoh Huang has this thin crispy skin filled with loads of chicken meat and water chestnut. One bite and you will get that harmonious crunch and burst of flavours. Definitely delicious. .

Where? Opposite POMO area. Rex Mackenzie at Prinsep.

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Truly grateful for this experience. #sgfood#sgfoodlover ex- #foodblogger #foodporn#lunch

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